Risperdal Is Bad

big problems Says:

I have been scizophrenic for 5 years this drug should not be taken by anyone if your not schizophrenic if a doctor prescribes u this for depression DO NOT TAKE IT this drug will give you ALOT of problems it can make u hear voices and it's only good for people like me I hear voices every day of my life even before I started taking this pill it will make u feel no energy at all makes u gain weight that's the least of the problems it will give bad mental problems I can't get off this drug cause I've been taking it for so long my brain will flip out without it

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Verwon Says:

This really isn't a horrible medication, if taken properly as prescribed. It is of great benefit to many people, but it is a very potent antipsychotic, so it's nothing to play around with and should only be taken as prescribed by someone's doctor.

The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, weight gain, sedation and somnolence.

As to get off of it, you could, but you'd need to do a very slow taper under your doctor's supervision, rather than stopping cold turkey.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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PJ Says:

Relative of mine needs Qualitest manufactured Risperidone or EXACTLY duplicated ingredients as other brands have failed to work for his condition. He has used this for many years and now Qualitest has stopped all but their liquid solution and we have called numerous pharmacies to no avail and Qualitest refused to help us find where we could purchase it. PLEASE HELP US!

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Tessie Says:

I am certainly sorry to hear that you are experiencing so many issues. However, could it possibly be your disease rather than Risperdal? The reason I say this is because I have first-hand experience with the drug and it has worked wonders for me. I have major depressive disorder (MDD) with psychosis. I was hearing voices in my head telling me I was damned, I could not do anything right, I needed to kill myself, I was worthless. During church one Sunday, an evil voice was louder than the preacher telling me I could not even call on the Lord for help. I even had my deceased grandfather constantly harping his negativity in my ear. I could not get them to go away, no matter how hard I tried. I was beginning to think my husband was cheating on me even though there was no real evidence that he was. I had begun having a fascination with sharp objects and poking them in my skin to produce pain. They were a catharsis of sorts.

My psychiatrist put me on a low dose of Risperdal and the voices are gone! I still zone out at times and become fascinated with sharp objects but I can believe in God again! I can be among friends again. I can build relationships again albeit slowly. Yes.... I do feel very tired right after I take my dose at night. And I may possibly be a little overmedicated because I do wake up with a dry sore throat. But having the voices gone are awesome! I feel better and I am not crying at the drop of the hat. The only thing remaining is to get counseling, which I am working on. (I am a disabled vet with no insurance) and my assigned counselor has yet to contact me (but it has only been a week). Patience. Patience.

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