Risperdal Side Effects On Children

terrysue Says:

anyone out there had a 4 yr. old on this med for awhile w/out bad side effects?

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allison Says:

my 5yr which he just turned 5 last week...next week he starts risperdal..im very scared he just dignoised with bi polor disease for his ver bad anger!i went & had him tested for ecg yesturday & his heart rating came up very abnormal!so now not sure if they can put him on that med now or if maybe with his heart condition is why hes having all thedse other problems..did the doct have any tests run on your child before putting him/her on this med? also the side affects your child mite get is weight lose or gain..tense up in bones,or eyes,also high chloestreal & the only thing real bad could be close off the air waves to the childs breathing this is why tests needs to be done to make sure your child i can control & not interact badly with the child.if you have any info i might need to know please let me know thank you!

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Verwon Says:

Risperal is a very potent antipsychotic medication, it causes bad side effects for adults who take it. It has not been approved/tested for children this young.

Some of the most common side effects include: anxiety, insomnia, low blood pressure and muscle pain.


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Sue Says:

My 5 yr old has been on risperdal for about 6 months and we see an amazing change. He hasnt had any side effects we couldnt deal with . It makes him a little tired but not to the point where he is drowsy or needs a nap, it just less quick and impulsive which is great. It does increase his appetite alot but since Justin is so hyperactive he was underweight as is so this was beneficial. Not all children need medication but if a child's body cant take control than it needs a little boost to regulate it. When you find the right cocktail for your child if he needs it, you'll see that your child will be able to do things that his condition impeded before. Autism, bi-polar, depression etc are all condition just like diabetes or any other condition and medication is sometimes, not always, the answer to help your baby. My suggestion is that you have a serious talk with your circle of doctors and if they feel he would benefit from meds than try him on a month or so trial run. The other option is going holistic and trying natural supplements. This is what we did first and with no response we took the medication route. GOOD LUCK!

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