Roxy Codone And Pregnant

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what are the birth defects of a pregnant women taking roxy coden.

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cherries27 Says:

I took roxys my whole pregnancy with my son and he was born healthy and normal. Now let me say that was the only thing i was taking and did all my prenatal care as told by my dr. I was taking 10 roxys. Im an iv user. But i don;t recommend taking chances with your pregnancy because the more you take the higher your chances of your baby being born in withdrawl. I've seen babies in withdrawl and its horrible. I was lucky and my son was completely healthy and still is!

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Jennifer Says:

I know this is over a year later but I just wanted thank you because even though everyone is different I'm in the same exact boat as you and you just made me feel so much better and for that I'm grateful!!! I'm currently cutting down my roxy dosage amount to lessen the chance of withdrawal for my son so wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!

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Concerned Family Member Says:

A family member of mine is pregnant and on roxy's. She has cut back TREMENDOUSLY and wants to get completely off of them. What I was wondering is where I would I find information about the laws on: Does Department of child services take their babies after they have them or do they let them take them home and just monitor the mother's? We are in Florida.

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misty Says:

I used all thru my pregnancy with my son and never told the doctor's. My son came out 7lbs 12oz, completely healthy. No withdrawals. Nothing happen i took him home next day...My friend just had her baby and she told her doctor she was using, her baby came out with no withdrawals, and completely healthy too, but they got child protection involved(because she let them know she was using and they drug test her and the baby) and they let her take the baby home, but did a home study and drug test her weekly.
This was a while ago for both of us i heard now that they drug test everyone mother and child now because of the pill problem...i don't know if that's true but i think i saw it on the news.

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Verwon Says:

Just something I'd like to add, no good competent doctor is going to let anyone IV use a medication that is in tablet form. It is very dangerous, because there may be fillers in the tablet that aren't expected to be broken down by the human body and are normally just expelled as waste. Injecting them carries the risk of them creating blockages, which could lead to heart attack, stroke or embolism.....and it's even more dangerous when pregnant.

And yes, regardless of your location, if a doctor knows that you are using illegally, while pregnant, by law they are supposed to report it.

There are several dangers involved, such as the ones to the health of the mother and baby, with the possibility of the baby being born addicted. The other is that a drug addicted mother may not be a suitable parent, she may neglect the child, once they are home and unsupervised.

I am not trying to say that anyone that posted here was or is a bad mother, I am just presenting the concerns and legalities that a doctor has to deal with in such situations.

Are there any questions or comments?

You can learn more Oxycodone details here.

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nikkie Says:

I am pregnant and almost due to have my baby. If I start now can there be a good chance that my baby will not be born with anything in her system and no withdraws. I am very worried about that and my doctor doesnt know. I just dont want to go throught the system and dont want my baby born with anything in her system. I know im wrong for doing it but I want my baby to be normal when she is born. Someone please let me know something

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Morg Says:

I am also in FL, Tampa. What did you find out about that? I take roxys and just found out I was pregnant. I heard they are cracking down and when you go in for your first appt (mine is Wednesday) they can give you a drug panel, and if they find anything in your body that you are not prescribed they monitor you throughout the pregnancy; and on day of delivery they will diagnose you and if you come up postive DCF will be called. Any answers would be greatfull' thanku!!!

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Mellie Says:

You guys are serious? Like drugs are hard to quit I know but u can't just take one roxy. You're pregnant, I don't judge but why would you say that so freely? You shouldn't be so confident and should seek real help. How sad. Do yourself a favor and don't keep getting pregnant. I did drugs but don't feel I have a right being pregnant to just go on. Grow up.

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Ashley Says:

I weigh 300 pounds and have already had one child she is two years and I never did anything with her not even a cigarette I work 13hr shifts 3 nights so I've been taking half a roxie only on the nights I work it helps me work without being in pain I'm not addicted to them because I don't feel the urge or need to have them otherwise. I just found out I'm 9weeks pregnant and im worried I've only taken about 3 of them all together cuz I only do half. I haven't done any since I found out but am I going to be ok is the baby ok? The most important part if development is the brain and I stopped just in time I don't plan on doING anymore just need to know if what I've done so far could effect my baby

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Amanda Says:

Wow quit taking the crap. Your pregnant. My friend lost her baby at 7 day after birth. Your not in that much pain and if you are deal with it. Really.

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LL Says:

If ur pregnant & taking drugs but u want ur baby to be ok & u want to stop doing drugs u dont want to go threw withdrawls well think of this ;ow is that baby gonna feel when he/she is born & its laying in that bed hooked up to all kinds of machines going threw withdrawls wishing thay oh idk say I WISH MY MOM WASNT SO STUPID THAT SHE CARED ONLY OF HERSELF WHEN SHE WAS PREGNANT THAT SHE PUT ME IN THIS POSITION BECAUSE SHE DIDNT WANT TO QUIT HER HABIT SHE COULDNT HANDLE GOING THREW THE WITHDRAWLS SHE DIDNT WANT TO END UP LIKE I AM SO SHE DID HER DRUGS & NOW I PAY FOR HER HABIT IF U DO DRUGS THEN DONT GET PREGNANT OPEN UR EYES THERE ARE THINGS TO PREVENT IT WE THE BABIES OF YOU DRUG HEADS DONT WANT TO BE BORN LIKE THIS


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