Sandoz Alprozalam 0.5 Taste Difference

Debra Says:

I have been taking alprazolam for approximately 27 years. The generic my system seemed be able to handle the best was Sandoz. It was mainly because of the ingredients that were in other generics that I was not able to take different brands. I'm very hyper sensitive to a lot of chemical fillers. I have not had a problem with Sandoz until my last refill which was approximately 4 months ago. I have been on this medication for many years and I only take it when I feel it's necessary. And yes my body is now addicted to it. Which I absolutely hate. The issue I'm having is whenever I feel the need to take one of these pills and I don't have access to a beverage I generally just stick it under my tongue and let it dissolve. I've become accustomed to bitter taste which I could tolerate. But my last refill 4 months ago has an almost unbearable nasty chemical taste. And they do not seem to have the same affect. And I will not increase the dosage or milligram. Any input would be appreciated.

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Mason Says:

I too take Sandoz Xanax but I've only ever had the 1mg blue ovals. Back when I was taking the .5mg I was getting the yellow dava brand (which were excellent btw).

So the most recent prescription you're referring to is also Sandoz? Same mg, same pharmacy, same manufacturer?

Sandoz is pretty good about quality control but I have notice subtle differences in my monthly prescriptions. Sometimes they're "fresher" and more "sedating" than other times.

The only thing I can think of, if everything is the same, is that the pills may have been exposed to heat, are old, or are just a bad "lot" (referring to lot number).

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Debra Says:

Re: Mason (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thank You for your input..Yes the dosage, milligram, pharmacy, and manufacture (Sandoz) are all the same. I have had the brand Dava along with numerous other Generics and was unable to use them because of the side effects of fillers which I am hypersensitive to..I considering going back to the brand name Xanax...

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Mason Says:

Re: Debra (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah I would definitely get the brand name if you can afford it and/or if your insurance covers it. Have you tried greenstone? It's made by the same manufacturer that makes brand name xanax, although i'm not sure of it's availability.

You may just try a new refill on the Sandoz if they've worked for you in the past if insurance won't cover brand name. They're usually pretty consistent... at least in my experience.

I did notice you said your prescription is 4 months old? That means you must not take them too often? Just curious. I have PTSD (combat) and panic disorder. I take up to 3mg a day and have to have a new script monthly. Heck I wish I could make a script last that long! I'd go bonkers though!!

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