Side Affects Of Lorazepam

carleen Says:

Can this medication cause negative side affects after only 3 days of usuage?

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ashlee Says:

After 3 days, I highly highly doubt you will see any side affects. It might make some people drowsy so it's always best to test it at home. I take it on a daily basis and I have my bloodwork done regularly and their hasn't been signs of anything irregular. I always pay close attention to my health and the medications that I take, so far, so good.

If you just took it for three days and you haven't had any immediate adverse reactions, you are fine.

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Verwon Says:

Actually, yes it could! You should not speak from experience when talking about drug side effects as it can be a purely personal thing. Drugs affect different people in different ways, so while someone else may not experience many side effects at all, someone else may get slammed with all of them, even in as little as three days.

Side effects of Benzodiazepine drugs are also dose dependent, so the amount you are taking has an effect on the side effects that you may experience.

In addition to being a highly addictive medication, some of the other side effects include: drowsiness, somnolence, irritability and weakness.


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lisa Says:

Does lorazepam have any side effect on sexually desire?

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