Switching From Methadone To Roxycodone

heathercc Says:

I was taking 90 mg of methadone daily. I switched back to Roxicodone. wats the ratio of methadone to roxy? I use it for cronic pain. I moved and there wasn't a clinic in my state so I had to go back to the roxy. I am experiencing withdrawl even after taking the roxy.

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David Says:

Hi heather,

Sorry to hear about the withdrawals. I hope you're doing better by the time you read this. It sounds to me though like it would be a good idea to contact your doctor first for a professional opinion on finding an equivalent dose since he/she is the one prescribing the medication. However there are also a number of 'opioid conversion charts' online that you can look up on google for added assurance.

Maybe if you have a plan in action the doctor wont mind temporarily prescribing a higher dose of Roxicodone to help offset any withdrawals from switching over?

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Age Says:

Id say equel not sure what dose of roxies or say 30 mg perc is like 30 mg methadone long lasting so theres a difference. Depends on ur metab. Id say 30 mg of an opiate for someone on 30 mg of methadone.

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