Want To Fall Pregnant But Have Been Using Nur Isterate As Contraceptive.

Miss T Says:

How long does it take for nur isterate wear off because i would really like to become pregnant soon. I have been using the injection since May 2011 to Nov 2011. should i take pills instead so that my cycle can return faster or what? i desperately need advise on this regard because i want to have a baby.

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Verwon Says:

Have you consulted your doctor?

From the time you stop the injections, you should probably allow a few months for your body to return to normal, before you try to become pregnant.

It will greatly help your chances of getting pregnant and of carry a healthy baby to term.


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Boikhutso Says:

I've been using nur isterate for 3 years then stoped using it few months ago about for 4 months then went for another injection 2 months back, now i want to fall pregnant but i've been expiriencing some vaginal sores.

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Amy Says:

I stopped using nur isterate in march 2012, I have n getting my period and trying to fall pregnant but no luck so far. Is there anything that I can take to get it out of my system or help me get pregnant.

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pauline Says:

Pauline,used nuristerate for 15yrs stoped february this year would like to conciev my periods are irregular for now,what can I use to speed up the process?please help

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linda Says:

I have been using nur-isterate for 8 years but now I have stopped its been 10months I wana get pregnant I can not what should I do?

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nkee Says:

I have been using this injection for 4 and half years ,then started using overall pills for 6 months. So now I have stopped using any of the contraceptives for 5months and have not seen my periods still . So please help cause I want a baby lyk now. How long will it take for the contraceptives to wipe off my system completely?. I'm desperate please help

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Refilwe Says:

Am 26yrs, stopped using nur-isterate in september 2012 after using it for a year, still have not seen my periods, but had spotting once in october. Is it possible to fall preagnant?

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mother Says:

iam 27yrs old mother i have been using nur-isterate for 3yrs but now iam thinking of changing to bith conrol pills.what should i do?do i just swap to pills or i need to wait?

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Michelle Says:

I was on the injection for 13 years with only 1 year that I went off it in between. I was due to go for my last injection on the 6 Feb 2012 but never did. How long will it take me to fall pregnant I really want another baby before I get to old. Please help me with advise and answers.

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Lee Says:

I have been using nuristrate from 2010 i was supposed to go for an injection in november but i didnt go, how long will it take for me to get my periods?can i fall pregnant before i get my periods?

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renesnee Says:

I got my first injection on the 15/11/2012 and the second injection on the 7/1/2013 but decided to stop using it. What is my chances of falling pregnant soon?

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Ncinah Says:

Been on nuristerate for ten years and my periods will skip a month and come back, my last shot was in October 2012 of which in December I had my periods again. The issue is that now in January 2013 I had a normal period which worries me as I never had them consecutively and at the same time started taking Natura drops which help with irregular periods. Is it because of them that I have normal periods so soon after stopping my shots or must I consult my doctor.

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Tshidi Says:

I've been using Nur Istrate for 8 years and had my last injection I 20 October 2012, I now want to fall pregnant as soon as possible I am 35 years old. What can I do and how long does it stay in the system , Thanks

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lil wyne Says:

Hi guys iv bin using nur istrate 4 9 years now, n I stop abt 2mnths, now me n ma hubby planning a bby how long would it tyk 4me 2 get pregnant

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announemis Says:

I have not been injected from November 2013 and i whent to be injected again on the 28/3 will i fall pregnat easaly then

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Eyona Says:

I waz using nur isterate as my injection, suppose i went there on the 01 march 2013 but i diddnt go till now! is there any possibility that i can be pregnant

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lee Says:

I have been using a nur istrate for past few months but I stopped in january 2013 now I want to get pregnant is it possible to conceive becouse its been 2 two months not getting my period. Please help

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lil prayer Says:

we are all asking the same question but yet no answers, i also wanna know how long will it take for me to get pregnant coz now its been two months after it expired

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nondumiso Says:

i stop using nurr last year aug til nw nothing happed wht cn i do cz ma husband is loosing hope thx

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Nelly Says:

I am 25 years old i've been using Nur for 8 year and i stoped 2012 february, since then i haven't been on my periods, now i want to get pregnent. What can i do please help, i've been to the doctor but still no luck and all my homones are fine i've tested

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Miss s Says:

Since I stop using nur istrate on January this year .I am now trying to have a baby .what can I do to become pregnant as possible please help

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Endronita Says:

Hi I have stop using the 2months injection now for 3 months now what can I use to clean my system so I can fall pregnant quicker please help

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daisy Says:

I've used noristerat between march 2012 to july 2012,I have regular periods but still havent conceive,its bn a Almost ayear,what might be the problem?

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Cautios Says:

Hi. I've been on the injection for six months from july 2017 - january 2018. I've now stopped the injection and had unprotected intercourse two times after my injection date. It's been almost one month since I stopped the injection. Shouldn't I have been menstruating already or could I be pregnant?

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Portia mj Says:

hi I been using injection for 5years and I stoped using it early this year September I haven't seen my period till now is it possible to fall pregnant because my one breast is painfull

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Nazo Says:

I took injection for 2 months and its side effects are not treating me well if I stop it now and not go for my next appointment will that harm me in anyway?

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slungile Says:

Hy there! I have the same problem of wanting fall pregnant again. Which pillis should I use for detoxing?

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Asanda Says:

Hi I've been using nur for 21 months,few months back I've been spotting,do I still hv a chance to fall pregnant? My husband really want a baby,plz help

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Thando Says:

Ive used nur istrate from January 2016 i stopped using it on june 2016 im now planning to have a bby its been 4months trying but still no change

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SeleSweety Says:

Have been using nustratefrom Oct 2014 to Jan 2016 and currently getting my periods every month but it's hard to fall pregnant

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