What Does A Roxy 30mg Look Like

justme Says:

What does the new oxycodone 30mg tablet look like?? I was told there is a new manufacturer and they are no longer light blue

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David Says:


Where did you first hear about the new oxycodone 30mg tab? I haven't come across any official announcements on the internet just yet, but wonder if that's because it hasn't actually come out yet? If it's of any help though, these are the following 30mg Oxycodone tablets I came across that aren't blue in color:

- A white round pill marked "ETH 446" contains 30mg of Oxycodone hydrochloride by Ethex Corp

- A white round pill marked "114" contains 30mg of Oxycodone hydrochloride by Mylan Pharma

- A white round pill marked "R P 30" contains 30mg of Oxycodone hydrochloride by Rhodes Pharma

Do any of these sound familiar?

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NoDebate Says:

Hey so I am used to the "M Box" 30s being off-white with just a hint of a minty blue-green in color...I just came across a "new" MBox that is very bright blue in color with a slight speckle, very close in color to the old "V" 30s I'm used to...anyone familiar with these new Mboxes? Are they legit? I'm thinking they could be in response to some fake MBoxes hitting the market test I've heard about, some of being formulated from straight H I understand...any info would be much appreciate!

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tknowit Says:

There are 2 different new ones I've run into. One is white football shaped and had RP on one side. There is also another white round one with NP on one side and 15 on the other. Oh and yet another huge white one similar looking to the big 224 roxy 30s. They all suck to me. Not at strong as the blues. Also they don't metabolize the same.

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