What If My 240 Mg Of Morphine And Roxicodone Does Not Work Well With Bad Back Other Medication Choicez Do I Have Left Ive

linda wright Says:

I have taken ns contin 60mg 4x a day for abot 10 years and roxicodone 15mg 4 x day for break through pain but it has got to where its not working now so what othwr medication do i have as another option

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Linda! How are you?

Well, there are higher doses of both of these medications available.

Additionally, there is a time released formulation of Oxycodone available, it's called Oxycontin and is stronger than the Morphine in the MS contin.

Learn more Oxycontin details here.

There is also a patch that contains Fentanyl, it is stronger than both the Morphine and the Oxycodone.

Learn more Fentanyl details here.

These are narcotic analgesics, so they have the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

What has your doctor suggested?

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debant Says:

Im in need of constant pain meds,been on endocet,methadone,also 15mg.morphine sulfate. I needed to go to a pain Center to get subscribed the correct amount of pain medicine. I was subscribed morphine sulfate15mg 2x a day for break thru pain and 5mg percocet 4x a day for breakthrough pain plus 25mg.Duragesic Fentanyl pain patch you wear anyplace but close to your heart,because you can have problems if worn close to your heart.
ANYWAYS--the fentanyl patch goes up to 100mg. in which after being on it for over 10years,it still works for me.But i need more breakthrough meds.
I stopped goin to pain Center so my primary has been giving me the fentanyl patch with Only 30-5mg.endocet for breakthrough pain & they dont work unless i eat like 5 every 4.hours but don't want to do that. So i need to go back to pain clinic to get the medication i need.
The fentanyl patch is a great pain reliever but is highly addictive! Also high withdraw synptoms if you go off of it.
I would recommend taking this if your ONLY in chronic severe pain and becareful because some Companies make it different, well its all the same but i found that some brands gave me a higher dose at times,because it is time release,and i either went to sleep or could'nt sleep for 2 sometime's 3days bcoz it released to much medication. I took xanex every hour all nite long yet still i could'nt sleep! So it works very well. Im currently on mylan brand,it works alright but it does'nt last as long as this other brand i use to use,Sandoz brand i could leave on for 5days & still have relief but idk why they stopped making it.

So if you want pain relief,you can try the Duragesic Fentanyl Patch. Good luck!

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James Says:

damn sure I wish I could help sorry that doctors will not continue on her morphine they can upgrade it and I can do that give you longeror have them change you to opain 40 mg just with fenak and phenpgren 15 mgs bid to start. Phenrgen is helpful narcotic boster .has cheimacl that inhance. Opium resptores.

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My Sheri Amore Says:

Debant: You say that the Fentanyl Patch works well for you...Well, there's a few kinds of short acting meds made with Fentanyl if your Doctor will Rx it for you...the first is ACTIQ: it's in sucker form, very pleasant tasting & comes in about 6 different strengths...OR if you can find a Compounding Pharmacy there are what is called FENTANYL TROCHES,(pronounced Tro-keys) you pick the flavor from many, at least you do in my pharmacy (and also, you & your Doctor decide what mcg. you should be on.) I've found that Raspberry is the best, anyway you put it under your tongue & just hold it there where it can be absorbed by your gums...The ACTIQ sucker works similar, except if you keep the stick on, you're supposed sorta wiggle it around on your gums...Then there's another form called FENTORA that works the same way in your mouth, but it's a small piece of plastic or a pill...I believe...I tried it, but it was MANY years ago & I can't remember! Good Luck! (the ACTIQ or the FENTANYL TROCHES worked the best for me, because my stomach is extremely messed up due to the prior 20 years of no real pain control & I took LOADS of Excedrin aspirin for my chronic pain (which is SEVERE chronic DAILY migraines) and the Excedrin totally ruined my stomach (caused MANY ulcers over the years, as well as SEVERE RED inflamed stomach lining, so MANY meds do not work very well if they have to go into my stomach & dissolve. Transmucally (in the mouth / gum area) works MUCH better...

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PainSux Says:

Sheri I think maybee due to your stomach issues they may prescribe those for you..but here where I live I get a good amount of pain meds but don't know of any doctor that would give out anything but fent in patch form..they would look at you like you r taking this too far for sure..unfortunately it can be very hard now with meds..idk if u have noticed there?But they have become so much harder here.All of a sudden due to the doctors being looked at from above that they r nervous to do much.. Esp.With new patients..and I've been on them for 8 yrs and I've been asked for urine more xs in last year than previous 5 total and also random pill counts when previous 7 yrs never had 1..they have ramped up cking for sure..so it's just diff is I guess is where I'm going..you need to be spot on and do everything as ordered and glad I'm in that spot but alot rnt..and alot of people in pain that make 1 mistake I've seen have their meds taken away cold turkey..it's just so diff now..well anyways just a post on the fact that it would be nice to have those options like flavored lollipops and all but not here no way..things have changed

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Spyz Says:

Up the roxicodone to 30mgs four a day

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Lilbit Says:

I was given Fentora and Subsys for awhile until the free program ended and my insurance wouldn't cover it. I went through terrible withdrawal but at least I spent 6 months pain free and wasn't out of it mentally. I don't know if this helps.

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Crazycat Says:

Look into the interthecal pain pump. It's made by medtronic. It totally changed my life. I was on similar doses of the same medication you are. After I got the pump, I take NOT oral meds, and my pump medicine is a very low dose.

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wade Says:

Of course there is oxycodone (percocet) fentanyl and more. All of those are synthetic. In other words made by a person in a lab. Highly more addictive non synthetic opiates grow in a natural plant called a poppy plant. From my experiences with pain morphine manages mine longer. If you really need something better than ms contin, oxys, percs or hydros, ask for OPANA (OXYMORPHONE). A 20 mill pill is about like 40 mill of percocet. They're the 2nd strongest opiate under the patches but they work better than the patches.

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Spyz Says:

Oxycodone comes in 30mg but you could probably fare well in the 15mg if doc would prescribe properly at 1 every four hours instead of six! Every six hours is only for opiate naive folks! Oxycodone was made to be taken every four hours according to manufacturers instructions.. And not just from online info--I called them!

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Jules Says:

Did no one ever try to give you fioricet for migraines. It typically works well for migraines and cluster headaches. I some what understand your pain i myself have migraines not to the extent you do. My fathers were so bad he was sent to Vanderbilt university and Duke to be studied.

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