Where Can I Find Pepcid

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I Havent seen Pepcid on the shelf Of any of the stores that I visit . Do you know why?

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Verwon Says:

It appears that there were certain lots of the brand name product that was recalled due to some of the bottles being punctured during the manufacturing process.

There is a generic available, as most stores, that is called Famotidine, it is the active ingredient in Pepcid and therefore works the same. Have you tried it?


I use the generic/store brand and it works fine.

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John Says:

It appears the recall was back in early August. It's surprising Pepcid was just taken off the shelves of our local WalMart (Las Cruces, NM), a couple of days ago. We agree with Verwon--the generic, famotidine, works fine. Doesn't taste as good, but solves the problem.

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donald Hardisty Says:

Will Pepcid AC be available in Las Cruces NM in the near future?
This works the best for me though I have tried others.

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