2mg Xanax Color White

Kakky Says:

I have been on the green 2 mg Xanax, now have gotten the white 2 mg - the green worked perfect form me, but the white does not help my anxiety nor my nerves and panic attacks, has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for any advice...

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Eddy Says:

90% of my Bars are white. Some are White round Xanax. I have a few bottles of green too. The color of the pill means little to nothing.

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Kakky Says:

I realize the color doesn't have anything to do with it I was thinking the difference of mfg the white one's needless to say is made by GREEN MFG. .. But I have never had a problem with the green bars settling my nerves down, starting the white it's just not happening, just wandering if anyone else had ever experienced this? Thanks

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Eddy Says:

Others have said this as all generic medicine can vary in strength by up to 25%. I have been taking Xanax for close to 30 years now, and wouldn't think of taking an entire 2 mg bar. Who makes the white bars you don't care for?

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Verwon Says:

The variation is actually up to plus or minus 20% from the name brand to the generics.

Kakky, what are the markings on the white tablets that you're having a problem with?

That would make it easier to provide you with information on them.

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Jimmy Says:

I'm looking to get 2mg bars but I don't want to get ripped looking for a good sight to go to help me out please thanks

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Robin English Says:

I cannot find my green 2mg bars 4 times a day bipolar panic attacks insomnia stredd at a pharmacy

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