5 Mg Oxycodone Withdrawal Help

Lee Says:

I've tapered down from 20 mg oxycodone ( for 3 months for back pain) to 5mg for the last eight days. I want to get this process over with, of course. I could drop to 2.5 for week or just stop oxycodone now and prepare for the symptoms. My dr has given me adavan and clonidine. Advice please.

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Darwinski Says:

So, you sent from 4 x 5mg per day to 1 x 5mg per day? Is your pain under control? 3 months isn't that long of time. If I were you, I'd change to 2.5 mg 2x per day then cut it to 2.5 once a day then that is it.

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dan Says:

When you think u tapperd down enough dont do none for 2 whole days then after 48 hours take a little bit, but dont get all loaded. Just take the edge off a little so you will sleep and wake up almost normal. I'm about to do it, hopefully i can quit. It's a mother f***er. Everything is ruined. I've been been locked up for 20 years of my life. I'm 38 f*** im old too. Seriously i could use some advice. I dont think i can quit. I take pills, drink, marijuana, methamphetamine. How in the f*** can i quit? Oh i got my mom and girlfriend strung out too. I dont have anyone to talk to who is on the same page as me. I'm stoned right now hating life again. I dont think i was supposed to talk about this kinda stuff.

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rob Says:

I went through a little bit in my life..but what got me on opaites was driving my car into lake superior off a 20 ft cliff..they didnt diagnois my broken neck for 8 months..because i was drinking and driving and i had my young 4 yr old in the car ..people hated me ..so i walked out of the hospital. when i finnally did get diagnosed it was because i was in another accident as a passenger, the doctor back then gave me lots of painkillers and told me if i had pain then i wouldnt get addicted..that wasnt true..i lost everything..my kids ..everything..now i dont c doctors i hate them ..but i dont abuse opiates anymore. But ...even taking a half a perc a day still causes wd its because i think it sits in ur tissue ..it certainly not as bad as it was ..because i wd approx 8 times ..but it still is not comfortable ..makes u edgy makes ur legs go stupid ..its really hard and scary having to go through what ur going through..and it isnt easy..but u no if u can wd in a facility then get support from AA and good people its a struggle u can share..im sorry ur going through this..i struggle all the time..but i guess my saving grace is that i fight it all the time ..and even when things look bleak i call on my higher power ..its a disease ..a f***ing crappy s***ty disease. And were warriors..we were unique enough to put this struggle on our shoulders.. numbers r many many..many ..i hope the best for u ..dont give up..love ur way

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suzie Says:

It will get better, I have been on all sorts of pain killers for kidney stones, crohns and have had several surgeries for at least the last 15 years on and off. Took the pills to calm the pain would take 7 1/2 mg every 4 or 5 hours, when pain got better went down to 5 mg every 5 hours. I could definitely not be able to function without them. Try 1 5mg oxicodone with 1 tylenol every 4 hrs , it should help alot. I also had medical marijuana which I only take when pain is very bad. Hang in there it does get better and you can stop the meds when there is no pain. I have just dropped down to 1 oxic ever 6 hrs.

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Jumper Says:

Oxycodone. Tapered down to 22.5 mg..from. 70mg for 4 years. Took 7 weeks so far to the 22.5. Sounds like a small amount. 7.5. Three doses. 8am. 2.30pm and 9.30 pm. Stuck here. If i miss a dose i go directly to w/ds. Is this time to jump?im listening to persons. On 5mgs a day or 2.5 aday..i can't see myself. There..????

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Barry Says:

Yes, keep going on your taper. You are almost home. Great job. See if your doctor will give you some clonazepam as a transition med.

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Jessy Says:

Taking 5mg Endone once a day for five weeks not taking now for six days have a little withdrawals how long before its all over

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