Aurobindo Adderall

Lauren Says:

The worst. Don't get it filled

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Jay Says:

100% agreed!!!! I have been on Adderall generic IR since January 2014. Always filled @ CVS. All previous scripts were manufactured by TEVA. (Large football shaped, orange, sweet tasting & 30mg.) They worked great!!!! Until this past Wednesday (Aug 19th, 2014) I went to pick up my script as usual and didn't think anything of it until the next morning when I had to take one. It wasn't the same shape or taste. (This one was round, orange and a chalky bitter taste.) So I took my usual dosage and Bam Nothing happened, I was like WTF!!!! So I looked at the bottle and this new script was manufactured by Aurobindo. This pill does nothing! I've taken 4 pills total and am calling the pharmacy ASAP....
If you hear this pharmaceutical company's name for Adderall don't even bother, ask for a different manufacturer or go somewhere else you'll thank me later....

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Mikko Says:

I've been taking Adderall for 8-9 years with little to no side effects.I am having severe problems with this medication. .My pharmacy filled my prescription 08/16/14. with Aurobindo Amphetermine 30 mg,twice daily.This prescription has been filled with Tevo and Shire brand generics prior to this.. I am having some very bad reactions/side effects from this medication. My lips,nasal and eye areas, hands and forearms keep going numb.I am lethargic and nauseated.I can't function.I am laying down sleeping 3-4 times a day.I keep having re-occuring headaches ,None of this is normal for me.I have taken this medication for 8-9 years for ADD, and have never experienced anything like this.Something isn't right with this medication.The pharmacist told me to discontinue usage immediately.I made a report to the FDA,and more than likely wasted my time.

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MOSTI3 Says:

Please help! Weird generic adderall filled at CVS today. 20mg tablet

This is a HUGE concern for me as I just filled my prescription today (9/8/2014) at CVS and found your post after googling what the difference is as they look completely different as they often do with generics, but I've NEVER seen them look like this nor look so chalky. I haven't taken one yet so I do not know if it will have the same results as my previous ones which were all TEVA pharm also. Did you speak with CVS about your findings with this new pharm company? I would really appreciate knowing what they had to say if you don't mind. Thank you in advance.

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Boop Says:

Hi -- WOW I used to insist generics from overseas are just as good. I stand corrected as I have just come upon this re the Aurobindo Adderall (vs the orange one I am used to.) I am terrified and pissed (I pay out of pocket) because of how awful I feel. And I have to admit that it IS because of Aurobindo's products and it makes me wonder what is going on. Now I am scared to trust anything generic -- seriously, this has opened my eyes. This is a BAD drug and I want my money back.

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Aurobindo Total Fail Says:

Agree it is really bad.
•mood swings
•stomach aches
•introvert and anti-social
As a results of this horrible brand

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Sabrina Says:

I have been taking 10mg Teva brand twice a day for a while now with amazing results. Then I went to CVS on 10/14 to pick up my prescription. I had recently gone to Walgreens. AUROBINDO brand was dispensed and it is completely awful and worthless! It actually made me feel worse. Anyone with severe ADHD can tell you that they can "feel" their medication work quickly. This not only did not work, but it gave me a headache in the afternoon, I felt crazy jittery and my thoughts were racing. My fingers also felt numb. Never take this stuff. Complained to the pharmacist and she said that she could lose her license if she returned my prescription. I will never make this mistake again!!

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Aurobindo Fail Update Says:

I had to buy brand, because cvs only had generic. did a lot of research on this brand since posting my issues with it month ago though:

•Aurobindo was banned for couple years due to "contamination" until 2013.

•they got ability to be sold Back in U.S. and is granted tons of contracts, bids, buyouts of failing pharm companies for meds, started with mostly psych, then broad, from HIV, cancer, Amoxicillin, to recently Migraines. (Kind of ironic being that the brand produced MAJOR migraines for me and reading others experiences, same for them)

•was fined because one of their buildings burned down.

•patent infringement legal suits from other reputable companies

•employees staged walk out

•VP was recently gunned down with an AK47 in India

•nov 24th, recall because Epillepsy meds were found empty in at least four reported cases. (Wow!) so irresponsible. Imagine that.....

•stock went from $120 in 2013 to over $1400 per share in recent reports

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Neuro Says:

I have been having horrific side effects with the Aurobindo Brand. So bad that up until I read all of these comments I truly thought that I was dying, that I had a terminal illness like Cancer. I started getting serious Neuropathic pain, numbness, depression, degenerative musculokeletal problems, I don't feel like doing anything anymore as if someone zapped the life and the will out of me. It does the complete opposite! I never had any problems with the Teva brand and I've been on this medication for years. I wouldn't doubt it if it's already been lethal, they just haven't recognized the connection or they're just not telling! I now have long term effects. This stuff is BAD NEWS!

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livetorun99 Says:

I received the same aurobindo pharma adderall 30mg round peach tablet after taking teva for 6 years. I was so sick and it made me extremely tired and irritable. I filed a complaint with the FDA and hopefully this indian made crap will be taken off market...i dont even know whatsin the pill all i know is it wasnt adderall!!

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Slade Says:

Neuro .. first off im inspired to take this post to my doc and second off my bad for the long message. I know this is over a year old but I'm getting in contact with you because I recently started having symptoms of ms or the likes of cancer but havent yet tested positive for anything...NOTHING...for everything. I've taken adderall generic for a few months between teva and Sandoz and never really noticed to much a difference. I was doing some amazing 5$ a hour raise at work..ect. could finally concentrate on things. Anyways after the last 3 months I became sick and been on disability for the past month or so. It literally hit me out of nowhere. One day I was feeling amazing the next felt like I had a serious health problem and could drop dead at any moment. I couldn't focus ..had extreme pains which is getting worse in back and swellin in my legs, cant concentrate on things i love, ect.. I noticed I was switched to aurobindo adderral instead of teva/Sandoz which I got the last 3 months. From what I have seen from multiple websites and multiple posts that this adderrall is not only weak and terrible but also toxic and exactly how you describe is how I'm feeling after having perfectly good 3 months of greatness. My dose wasn't changed, nothing changed over that time except i got aurbindo adderall instead of normal teva/sandoz. I reported this to the fda which from what I read is useless and read up on how to dispose of them. Going to docs tomorrow and she's really good and genuinely, seems like she's trying to help me. The interesting thing is while she was doing ms tests and what not she put me on 10mg in which I got corepharma. After I started taking the 10mg which normally I'm on the 30mg there was a few days where I was weak where I was starting to feel better. So I started taking 30mg of the corepharma and started to feel a little better each day. Me and the doc didn't find anything wrong things seemed to be getting better and she told me she had no complaints with aurobino (thou who knows who gets them) and the pharmacist also said she had no I got my 30mg and guess what they where aurobindo...since i was told it wasn't the generic manufacturer I went and started taking them again...first day wasn't bad... 2nd day didn't feel like they were working so took a little more nothing......3td day BAM..back to where I was and even worse. I can't even get out of bed and back pain is much worse. Can these really cause those symptoms? And if so how long after switching back did it take you to get better?

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Kevin Says:

I agree.this adderall is making me worse.what can I do to switch because I can not function at all on this and I have a family to support.what can I do

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Kevin Says:

Yes that adderall is no good.made me Dr put me on name brand and I felt so much better.its criminal how the pharmaceutical company's can add different fillers and binders and get away with i got it filled and the insurance didn't want to pay for it.i pay so much for insurance and 1 time I had an issue they made it so hard.

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AKAConcerned Says:

Absolutely correct! Aurobindo pharmaceutical has made a generic adderall that does absolutely nothing and has caused very bad side effects to me and to legions of others who have taken this generic brand!! Please BEWARE of all your generic brand companies and make note very closely to the pharmaceutical company specifically by the name: AUROBINDO out of INDIA!! FAKE GENERIC ADDERALL WITH SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS! There are too many people reporting this pharmaceutical company on this medication for anyone taking this brand or inquiring about this brand NOT TO PROCEED WITH CAUTION PLEASE!!

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MrsRobbinson Says:

Re: AKAConcerned (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Also be aware that Teva has bought Aurobindo. Your extended release are still the same formula wise or I should say I haven’t felt a change when taking them. BUT...... my afternoon immediate release are absolutely horrific. And that is your Aurobindo with the Teva name on the bottle. When you look them up now to see the manufacturer it will even say Teva..... but they are the crap that Aurobindo has been putting out for a few years now. And it’s so suspicious to me that almost EVERY pharmacy is now carrying ONLY Aurobindo (Teva owned). If you feel different on your IR are SO not alone.

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Ash Says:

I am so upset. I was taking aurobindo a few years back and thought I may need to start taking a higher dose because it wasn’t working. I then spoke to a friend who told me she was on aurobindo and it wasn’t working. I dropped off my prescription at HEB and told them I do not want aurobindo and only impax. I just looked at my pills and it is aurobindo! I just called the pharmacist and there is nothing they can do! I stopped going to CVS because they only had aurobindo and now HEB only has aurobindo and now you have to have the pharmacist special order if you don’t want aurobindo!

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Jennifer Says:

Re: MrsRobbinson (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I'm going mad...calling my insurance company, doing research...what can be done to find out the correct information so we can make an informed decision as to what goes into our bodies and who makes it? Seriously? We need phone numbers or at least a legit website. I have to take action. I need my meds and I'm not taking that crap!

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Molly Says:

Re: Jay (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I agree. I've always had round 10mg blue pills. Last month the pills were oval and made by this manufacturer (Aurobindo Pharm). This particular type/brand of Adderall made me so tired. I wanted to fall asleep (work, while driving, anywhere). It was weird. I've taken Adderall for 8 years and this has never happened. I get my Rx at Rite Aid. I was so happy to see my normal round pills were back when I got my refill this month (April 2018). Just to prove I wasn't going crazy, I took the oval one and got tired. Took the round and had my normal reaction. Somebody has got to report these pills for being ineffective.

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Lu Says:

Re: Molly (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Do you know what pharmaceutical company the blue round pills were with? My pharmacy switched companies and mine are now green.They are making me naucous and sleepy. They are based in India. Thanks

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Trublu24 Says:

Re: Jay (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi jay.... I was diagnosed as having ADD first time at the age of 48. I got my first ever adderall script from cvs yesterday. I was prescribed 10 mg 3 times a day. I took 1 and 2 hours later nothing....I took another and still nothing and nothing... no effect what so ever. no dry mouth... still hungry... wtf!!? I’ve never had stimulants prescribed before so u would think I would feel something right?! Wrong... I called cvs and complained that maybe there was something wrong with this medicine... and their response was I probably needed a higher dose and to give it a couple of days. I then began googling the company Aurobindo and was shocked to see so many complaints, FDA warnings, etc etc. Shame on cvs for selling this garbage to its customers. Wouldn’t it be great if someone started a boycott cvs page so that maybe all adderall prescriptions be filled at for example Walgreens who sells Sandoz brand adderall to force cvs into selling a better generic. Once they do this then yes all their die hard customers would come back! Today I had 40mg and barely feel anything... My system is very sensitive and I only drink caffeine free coffee and sodas so I’m someone who definitely would feel any stimulant in my body. I’m originally from Australia and over there pretty much people can get brand medicine... there is strength in numbers... imagine if all the hundred of thousands of unhappy customers banded together to give cvs a big wake up call...

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Mason Says:

All I can say is that my first time taking Adderall at age 40, on May 1st of this year, I got the Aurobindo U30 (20mg IR) mixed amphetamine salts. Honestly that first 20mg dose made me feel absolutely amazing. I was calm and confident yet had energy in reserve. I was laser focused and felt I could take on anything. I also felt empathetic much like I have on other stimulants (m-d-m-a). I love empathogens/entactogens because i'm pretty much anti-social most of the time. My incessant worrying was gone and I felt like I was 20 again!

The next day I took another pill from the say bottle. Nothing. AT ALL. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Placebo. It made me wonder if they're sticking placebos in these scripts like they do with contraceptives. Anyway, out of the 30 pills about 5 seemed to work. I finally got fed up and took 4 pills (80mg) over the period of an hour. 6 hours later I was in amphetamine psychosis and having a non-stop panic attack. I almost went to the ER but decided to take some Xanax and ride it out. A horrific night that was. I hope I didn't traumatize my brain/heart too much. At least in the process I did defeat several panic attacks with coping mechanisms before I let the big one get out of hand. I won many battles but ultimately lost the war.

It's hard to say for sure what is in these pills. I believe "some" of them do have racemic and dextroamphetamine. They must have because the first time taking them is exactly how ephedra + those "other" amphetamine "formulations" made me feel. I just think overall that some of these pills are placebo, some are actually the proper milligram/dose, and some are super-potent.

Needless to say I don't want this brand again. My local CVS has Teva but i've also read so much negativity about Teva Adderall as well. It's very disconcerting. All of it. I just feel frustrated because I know that ephedrine used to calm my mind, make me feel focused and give me that good (reserved) energy. Caffeine also seems to have an opposite effect on my mind to a lesser extent.

I just want something consistent that works. I did figure out a way to make the Aurobindo's work somewhat consistently at half the prescribed dosage. I posted a new thread about it but apparently it's not going to pass moderation because it's been two days. Oh well. I would just stick with ephedrine (bronkaid or DMD pharma) but you can only buy so much of it and when you max out the DEA comes a knockin'!

ARRRGGGHHHH!! Frustration nation! I NEED consistent pills because they improve my quality of life and make me WANT to be social and productive. Something I used to be back when I was younger and taking ephedrine on a daily basis.

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