Evion 400 Capsules To Help Grow Hair Longer

soni Says:

Im 26 yrs old and my hair is so thin that i'm experiencing hair loss. My friends suggested I take two evion tablets mixed with hair oil and use it daily. Will it work for my hair?

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Soni!

Evion is just a nutritional supplement that contains Vitamin E, it is vital to the health of our hair, nails and other vital body functions, but it's not going to help grow hair or to thicken it.

You may do well with a multivitamin supplement, since a deficiency in some nutrients could cause the type of problems that you're having.

Another supplement you may want to look into is Biotin, it's been shown to help prevent hair loss and promote new growth.

Before doing so, however, please make sure to check with your doctor that it is safe for you take anything.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Mukesh Kumar Mandal Says:

Yes good for skin and hair loss and the other body problem thanks evion 400 mg,

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Asad Says:

Hi.I am Asad malik from pak . I am suffering from in hair falling. Plz suggests me can I use evion 400 mg.

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komal Says:

No u should consult ur Dr evion is just a vitamin e supplement may be u r suffering from another vitamin deficiency

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ali Says:

will this evion capsule make me fat???

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almas Says:

Of course you can use evion 400 u'll get a good results soon.you can mix 1 or 2 tablets with castor oil or Olive oil

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maya Says:

i am suffer from hair fall and have become almostly balt. what should i do. give me suggestion.

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RAY Says:


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Prem vishwakarma Says:

Hi im prem from nepal
Im now 26 year old. Im suffering hair fall and Not growth hair. Some place is gap and looking bold. I'm used Evione 400 mg but not efect to me hair. what can i do for my hair fall and lost.

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Ravi Says:

Take 1 tablespoon full of aloe vera gel and add 1 teaspoon of lavender oil and pure coconut oil. Mix it well and apply on ur head. Massage it properly and leave it for 8 hrs, cover it with shower cap. Then wash it properly. Do this for a month, you'll see the results.

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Roy Says:

@Ravi - are you saying 1 teaspoon each of lavender oil and coconut oil? (In other words, 1 tsp lavender oil + 1 tsp coconut oil). Your post doesn't specify. Doesn't oil clog the follicles? Have you personally done this remedy or know someone who has had good results? Please let me know cause I am very curious about this!

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Sehar Says:

Hello I want to grow my hair fast should I use evoin capsules???

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babakiladly Says:

Hello, I am also suffering problem of hair falling out & thin hair. What should I do?

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kitti Says:

Evion works on hair.. ..its helps to avoid hairfall it is my personal experience only of 5 days.

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hazrat Says:

Hi, I am hazrat from pakistan. Dr advised me evion after seeing my sperm tests. Can it help me for any problem in my sperm count?

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Abhishek Soni Says:

Hi Sir/Mam My name is Abhishek Soni and My age is 19th Year. I am Suffering Problem of Hair Fall & Thin Hair And Some Place Gap of Bold And White Hair - I am used Also Evon 400 Capsule And Ginger But Not Effect of my Hair And My Hairfall start Before 3 Months. Please Help Me.

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Rakesh Says:

I'm suffering from hairfall. I want to use evion 400. Could it be beneficial for my hair, and how can I use this therapy? plz guide

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Sonia Says:

Hi im sony im 17 years old i have severe hair loss if i have evoin -400 tablet will my hair loss will be cured and it will grow my hair longer and thicker

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Nidhi Says:

Is evion 400 is used with indulekha hair oil for hair growth?

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Praveen Says:

May I know how you used them? Because I have no idea how to use one or more tablets and with what other.

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Albert Says:

I am 20 yrs old. Can I take Follihair along with Evion 400, for hair loss and regrowth?

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qwerty Says:

Re: Asad (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

try using fish oil from optimum nutrition. it helps a lot to thicken hair.

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David Says:

According to NIH.gov, A study was conducted to investigate the effect of tocotrienol (Vitamin E) supplementation on hair growth in volunteers suffering from hair loss.

In the study's conclusion, they go on to note that supplementation with tocotrienol capsules increased hair in volunteers suffering from hair loss as compared to the placebo group.

"This observed effect was most likely to be due to the antioxidant activity of tocotrienols that helped to reduce lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in the scalp, which are reported to be associated with alopecia (hair loss)."

Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3819075

That said, it is my understanding that supplementation of Vitamin E via "Evion 400" would theoretically aid in the process of hair growth through its antioxidant capacity, as it pertains to one's own unique individual stress levels & stress management.

Hope this helps!

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Shubham Says:

My doctor prescribed me raviron xt, alamin-m forte, zempred-4, & evion capsules. Do all of them help with hair growth? I couldn't find any information about their effectiveness, so kindly help!

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Angshu Says:

Re: kitti (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

How to use evion 400..plz tell me the way to use evion

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Urvashi Says:

Can evion 400 be used on kid's scalps for hair growth? Are there any side effects or instructions for applying it?

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Aliza Says:

hi, I'm Aliza.. I'm 17 years old.... I'm suffering from hair fall problem from last six months i have applied egg and onion paste on my scalp but its not working and hair fall is still going on...so plzzzz tell me what should i do...is evion 400 beneficial for hair growth?? will it helps to avoid hair fall??

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P rohini Says:

Hi. I am 24 years old and I have a dandruff problem with a lot of hair falling out. Can anyone please tell me how to use evion 400 tablets for my condition?

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Manoj Susantha Says:

Can we useTocofer capsule for grow bread? I want to know that

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Bharat Says:

Mukesh (# 2) --

Is evion 400 good for regrowing lost hair?

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