Expiration Date On Bromfed And Notice To Discard

Bella Says:

Hello, I was just curious if I could still take the bromfed if it says to discard by 09/13/17?

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Jplove Says:

I was just trying to see can I take this medication Bromfed dm syp if use by 5/18/17 and this is August 20th

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David Says:


Today's date is Wednesday, September 6th, 2017. So based on the contents of your post, you should still be in the clear to take it for another week.


Since it has been several months past the "use by" date, I think it's probably best to adhere to the label's instructions.

And while I understand that many medications are generally regarded as safe to take well after the expiration date, I also feel that it's important to consume the freshest batches of whatever it is you're taking in order to maximize efficacy and to ensure that none of the inactive components of the tablet won't cause any problems either.

I hope this helps and wish you good health!

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