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Focalin and Cardiac Issuses?

Anyone have a child with history of cardiac problems taking this medication? ## To the mom with the cardiac child and the focalin question --- my child is a high school teen, always been low normal ADHD, but by high school the classes were so hard, the homework SO OVERWHELMING, the days SO LONG, he finally ASKED for some help. We took him in and he was put on focalin. He has had 3 cardiac surgeries. We recently took him in to Stanford hospital and just to be certain it was ok - asked AGAIN, and was re-assured that while it wasn't known for certain ALL THE REASONS it was 100% safe, it has been used for quite some time in patients with cardiac defects (my son's are quite severe) and with no difficulties. He's been on it for a year now with extremely great success. He uses it o...

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liquid form of Focalin?

Is there a liquid form of Focalin, or can the tablet be compounded into a liquid? My son has autism and we cannot get him to take the pills or capsules. He his very orally sensitive and will not eat pudding, applesauce, etc. ## If your doctor orders it for you, a compounding pharmacy should be able to put the active ingredient into a liquid for you, you just need to ask his doctor to order it this way, then take it to your nearest compounding pharmacy. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, headache, insomnia, nervousness, and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Contents of Focalin XR - Inside the capsule

What do the contents of focalin xr look like inside the capsule? I'm asking because I feel my son's medication was tampered with. I think that someone emptied the contents of the capsules because for a couple of weekends that I got my son they were empty and then I mentioned it to his father that they were empty. The next weekend I got him, their capsules came with a baby formula looking substance inside them. ## Hello, Jessica! How are you? Which capsules are you asking about? Without knowing the specifics, such as those dosage and markings on it, I can't research this information for you. Can you please post back and clarify? Thanks! ## Inside the capsule of focalin xr, are a bunch of tiny beads. Myself and my son has been on it for a while now, and at first, his was sprin...

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Will I pass a urine drug test if I take Focalin?

I take focalin and I have to take a urine test for a new job, will i pass? I take 20mg everyday, once a day. ## I've taken a couple focalin one day and a concerta a day or two after. Will either show up in a urine test? ## You should be fine. I've passed urine drug tests only an hour after taking a Focalin capsule and I didn't do anything special like drinking a ton of water or anything like that. I honestly don't believe it even shows up or else they need a separate test to look for it and most don't. ## Will Focalin show up as an amphetamine on a drug test? Will it show up different than ritalin? ## It doesn't show up at all. I know a few people that go to the methadone clinic and they test one a month and for every drug there is and that never pops. Now addera...

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big yellow and white capsule

the yellow side has NVR printed in orange letters. the white side has D30 printed in orange letters ## Sandoz lists this capsule as being a 30mg Focalin XR capsule, which is used to treat ADHD, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder. NDC code: 00781-2687 The FDA warns that it carries the risk of being habit forming and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, anorexia, nervousness, and insomnia. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Focalin - Will It Show Up In A Urine Test

I need to know if focalin will show up in a urine drug test? ## Focalin is a stimulant, which contains Dexmethylphenidate and yes, these are typically tested for on must drug screenings. However, if you have a prescription for it, then all you need to do is inform them of this, when you go in for testing. Are there any other comments or questions? ## I am not prescribed them but I took a 10mg one to get some extra housework done, stupid me not remembering I have a drug test(pee) for probation tues am (yes, 3 days at most). What should I do? ... someone please help!!! ## My friend was taking 20 mg xr 24 hr focalin for about a month every other day and stopped for the past week and has been drinking ab 6 bottels of water a day. She now is taking 5 mg foclin for energy and has to pass a dr...

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My Focalin 5mg capsules were all almost empty when picked up

I picked up a prescription for 5 mg Focalin and the capsules were almost empty they were not even a quarter of the way filled (you could almost count how many little beads were in there and every single one was like that I know that only the bottom half of the capsules are full when you open them usually I'm not talking about both sides being only reason that I open them is because I take them with apple sauce) ) I brought them back to the pharmacist and he wouldn't open one because he said it would be tampering with the medicine all he did is Shake the 1 capsule?? but I said why wouldn't they just use a smaller capsule? I've had all different strengths of Focalin 20,30,40, and I've never had an amount that wasn't full up to the top of the bottom part of capsule ...

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Small round, pink pill w/ "18" printed in black on 1 side, blank on other...????

I am trying to figure out what pill this is that my 8 yr old step-daughter takes. I have used tons of pill ID websites, looked at over 400 different pictures of pills and found NO matches. She used to take Focalin, then was switched to Concerta she has this very small, round, dark pink/pink/maybe peach-ish colored, solid tablet, no scores, and blank on one side and "18" printed in black on the other side. This is weirding me out that I cant identify it!! Thank for any info! ## I take the same medication as your stepdaughter. I just picked up a refill bottle today, and it looks just like you described (small, round and pink with a black "18" on one side). I called the pharmacy to double check and it is a generic of Concerta 18mg ## Thank you Jeff, I REALLY appr...

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Will Focalin show up in my hair follicle test?

A month and a half ago, I took Focalin 5mg IR tabs on three separate occasions a few days apart. I only took 10 mg the first time and 15mg twice more on separate days. I don't know how much it takes to show up on a hair follicle test? ## did it show up? i am in a similar scenario and am freaking out so please let me know how your experience went

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white capsule with d20 nvr

what is suppose to be inside this capsule and should it be full? Are they for children or adults? ## Novartis Pharmaceuticals lists these capsules as being 20mg Focalin XR capsules. The amount in them is not relevant, they are filled by dose, not capacity. They can be prescribed for both children, and adults. They are commonly used to treat ADHD, shift work sleep disorder, and narcolepsy. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, insomnia, nervousness, and anorexia. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Is my daughter snorting focalin xr?

I may have found evidence that my 15yo girl is snorting her folacin xr, 20mgs. Is this even possible? How or rather why would she smash the luttle beads up? To snort them? What kind of high? Sincerely, Worried Mother ## That is very much possible. I'm prescribed 40 mg of focalin. Being a heaby drug user in the past i quickly looked it up, and snorting this drug is very much similar to speed, and usually gives a great euphoria. I used to snort it every day, and it made me feel great and speedy and all of that. So chances are, she's probably snorting her focalin like i did. ## Not a good idea and something that you need to disguss with her ASAP...They are time released; to help her throughought day. It will get into her system faster, (she's probably crushng the beads) but the...

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capsule yellow imprint nvr d10

I am trying to identify some medication I found in my home. They are yellow capsules that split in half and have NVR D10 printed in red ## This is a 10mg Focalin XR capsule, which is most commonly used to treat ADHD. Learn more Focalin details here. It may cause side effects, such as nausea, headache, irritability and loss of appetite. Are there any questions or comments? ## I have a yellow NVR d-10 pill is there supposed to be powder in it or beads

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how long does it take to get focalin out of your system

how long does it take to get focalin out of your system? I have to take a ua that is labed and I want to know how long it takes till it gets out of your system so that it does not show up on a ua. or do they even test for focalin? ## I take focalin 10mg ir's along with concerta 36mg ERs, and a good many honestly. I have been going to MMT since june of 2011, which I didn't start taking foca2 and concerta til late 2012, anyways, I am drug tested monthly at MMT, and have never once failed for amphetamines or methamphetamine. And I have even been tested within 1-3days of my last use/binge. This was also the case when I was drug tested while I was on probation. Never once failed. It doesnt test positive. They would have to have a specific test for tht specific drug, because it doesn...

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small D-shaped yellow pill with 5 on one side and D on the other

Hi. I found 35 little yellow pale colored pills with a 5 on one side and with a D on the other side. The pill itself is like a capital D shape. Can anyone tell me what it is? ## Hi Gisela, A D-shaped yellow pill with 5 on one side and D on the other is reportedly identified as a 5mg Focalin (dexmethylphenidate) tablet, marketed for use in treating ADHD. For verification, the manufacturer/packager is listed as Novartis Pharmaceuticals and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 0078-0381-05. I hope this helps!

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most powerful drugs

Is it safe to take Focalin xr with Copaiba Essential Oil. My son is almost 13 and has Aspergers and ADHD. He is on Focalin Xr and we are wanting to start trying Essential Oils. One is Copaiba but because of it being a powerful Oil I am trying find out if there is a reaction between the 2. I can't find anything on the net and I have done many searches. Maybe I am putting g in the wrong information to get the correct link.

focalin pee test

I crushed and insufflated 60 mg of focalin 2 weeks ago. Will it show up on a urine test now? ## Way too late to answer but, no, it will way out of your system by then. I've gone in for a urine drug test an hour after taking Focalin and the test came back clean so even if you just took some and dropped the same day I highly doubt you'd have anything to worry about.

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My Battle with Focalin Addiction, Advice Needed!!!

Mark, I appreciate your comments and am in your boat as well. It has been a difficult situation to discuss with anyone. This has been going on, off and on, with me since I started my undergrad in 2000. I have been able to stop for short periods at times because I force myself to do so. I have stopped taking it a few times for more than a month or so. But it's always been during a break between my education or something. Now I am graduating with my second Post-Grad degree. I know I have to focus on living a more regimented life now and that this behavior is not only unsustainable and costly, it can be deadly. I have gotten to the point at times where I stay up for long periods. This has even led me to desire alcohol and to smoke like a phen when I take it. I don't think other peo...

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round white pill 93 on one side

Found a pill. My friend thought it might be focalin, yet focalin has a number on the back and this one only has 93. ## There is one manufactured by Tris Pharma that they list as being round, white and having just the number 93 on it. Their listing says that it is a 10mg generic for Focalin. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, nervousness, insomnia, and anorexia. Is there anything else I can help with?

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will focalin xr 20mg show up for a drug screen

My daughter is 16 and went for a interview with target and took a drug screen,she is worried that her focalin will show up.Per them saying no drugs alowwed in system even mood altering ones. She is so worried and when we asked the lady that performed the test she said she should be ok but was not for sure. ## What ever happened with your daughter and target? I'm also currently going throught the same situation. ## If she is prescribed the medication then by law if she test positive for any drug the drug screening place will call her ask for her pharmacy then when they see she is prescribed the medication they will call the company (target) and tell them she is negative they can not tell them what medication she is on as long as she has a prescription this is the law so to answer you...

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Need advice about Focalin XR

I'm taking dexmethylphenadate er (I think that's how you spell it) 20mg. I just started taking it Friday morning and on my second dose today. Is it common to feel very tired and sleepy when my body is getting used to it? Plus ever since Friday I've been going number 2 a lot. Should I be worried or is this common with this medication? ## Hello, David! How are you? Yes, the FDA does list those issues as being possible side effects of this medication. You may also experience nausea, dizziness and, eventual insomnia. However, they are usually transient and tend to go after about 4 to 5 weeks, once your body gets used to a medication. Is there anything else I can help with?

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