Focalin And Insurance

thana edwards Says:

As you'll know, I have been paying $600 a month for Focalin because my insurance won't help with script cost. No one on this site was able to help, but through my own research, I finally found the one person in Medicare who researched for a program that helped with Focalin! What a relief. Insurance per month @$48 & script $35...hey, that is wwaaayyy better than $600. Thanks anyway for listening.

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MedsChat Admin Says:

That is great news Thana, thank you for sharing this information.

Do you have any details which you could post back so that others with a similar challenge would be able to contact them?

Feel free to post a reply or a new discussion if you have anything else to add, or any other questions.

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CriticalChemist Says:

Why waste money on Focalin when Ritalin is the same thing? It just contains the active as well as the inactive forms (mirror-images or enantiomers). The inactive form has never been demonstrated to be harmful so why bother to remove it? It is costly to do this. Here is why it is done: to prolong the patent lifetime (read profit). I'm a PhD organic chemist by the way, not a Pharm D., but I know the Pharmaceutical industry. But you should ask a Pharm D (not just a pharmacist) at your hospital pharmacy (you should always confirm what ANYBODY says on the internet). BE CRITICAL. Ciao.

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Picasso Says:

Please tell me what insurance company will pay for your prescription?

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