I Need To Know The Herb I Read About In This Forum To Help With Craving Sweets And Other Side Effects On Methadone!! Please Help!!

Riley Says:

I was reading in this forum a week or so ago and come upon someone talking about an herb capsule that helps with methadone side effects, craving sweets, sweating and a couple of other side effects. Is there anyone that could please help me with this?? PLEASE PLEASE!! I thought I found the answers to all my prayers. Except now, I can not find the name of this herb for the life of me! I truly appreciate all your help! Thank you and have a wonderful day!!

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Verwon Says:

Are you sure it was this forum?

I have done some searching through our various Methadone posts from users and I can't find anything.

I also did some general online searching and I am only finding details to help with withdrawals, when you stop taking it, I am not finding anything that helps while you are still on it.


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Riley Says:

I am not completely sure if it was this forum. I could have sworn it was, yet not sure. I am so sorry, and want to thank you so very much for your searching and help! ; ) if you happen to find something for these symptoms, please remember me! Thanks again!!

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Comments Says:

I don't know what herb or vitamin that helps but for me istarted getting cravings at nite (for sweets/chocolate/ice cream) but lately i started eating Chobani Greek yogurt (with fruit..unmixed)& it helps immensely! & it tastes great plus its very good for you because it contains Acidophalis? (very helpful for rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia & other pain issues)Plus they taste as good as ice cream & other sweets! I hope this helps!

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Dono Says:


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Advocate Says:

Yeh they say Kratom helps with withdrawal, not tried this yet but i was just reading about this one last week and wondered about it....some guy on youtube called Kratom Association or somehting like that is a real advocate of the stuff, but funny how you say you get hate craving for sweet stuff, you know i substituted H and Crack for toffee ice cream many years ago just after i came off both and this brand of ice cream really helped me so much i can't explain, i don't know why but it was the supermarkets own brand and i used to eat a tub a day, i got fat yes but i got through it and it helped to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal so much, especially the mental withdrawal of the rock, it was almost like substituting the pipe or needle for the ice cream as weird as that sounds as both where a daily habit which i would do every 4hrs without fail so this ice cream was a god send, i used to drive miles just to get the ice cream when they where sold out but it replaced the "going to score" feeling u know, was weird, i am only just loosing this weight now!!lol i never got that fat but became overweight and i am sure it did y body no good but it sure helped me thats for sure. Their is another herb they say works to get you off H but it's a hallucinogen! thats called Ibogaine, there was a film made about the subject once.

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qwerty123 Says:

I think you may be thinking of Vitadone. It's not an herb but it is a vitamin mix that helps with methadone side effects. I plan on buying it for my husband.

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sara Says:

Riley-the doctor can give you Topamax. It takes the edges off food cravings altogether. Great for controlling weight gain :).

Then try nonfat frozen yogurts with fruit, nuts, sprinkles and sugar free chocolate and/or caramel sauce. Good flavors are the tropical ones as they are REALLY hit the brain in different ways..Also try salted chocolate.

The brain craves sugar, salt, spicy and vinegar. If you don't get all, it repeats sugar like a crazy monkey...lolol

Make your own Sundae and take home. Eat a few bites every couple of hours. Stores well in freezer.

Also, frozen yogurts has the bonus of extra water instead of milk fat, which is needed to flush toxins from the body.

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Tee Says:

Look up vitadone online. It's a vitamin for methadone patients to help with sugar cravings, sweating and fatigue

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kdub Says:

Kratom is a God send. I've been using it to get off my subs. No joke. I feel fine. It's a miracle after 10 yrs of opiate abuse/treatment.

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Rocky Says:

Vitadone really helps all of the above constipation sweet cravings sweats. It really helps. I myself go to a methadone clinic and the sweats is what I could not handle but Vitadone was the answer to my prayers.

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Adrienne parker Says:

Ibogaine, is that the controversial drug that is from a rare plant in the Amazon or so....I've heard of this as well....it is not legal here (Australia) or many places due to the psychotropic component that makes one hallucinate...I'd like to know more if you wouldn't mind giving any details....please....

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Yes vitadone or nutridone will take away all side affects I was happy to learn that but can't find anywhere Wal-Mart Walgreens etc.

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Could you please give me an idea of where to get vitadone or nutridone? I go to the methadone clinic also and the sweats is the worse! I cannot seem to find it anywhere literally just got home from Wal-Mart, went to get tagament cuz i just heard about it and asked the pharmacist if they carried the vitamins and they said they never heard of it. Thank you in advance

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Sameoldbs Says:

Reply to mmtsavedme post #13,

Consider this a Christmas miracle in advance jk lol. You will not find this vitamin supplement anywhere in traditional drug store chains, however you can order this product simply online at various retailers. It is a miraculous supplement for those struggling with the adverse side effects of MMT treatment. God speed all. Regards....

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Tracie Says:

I live in West Palm Beach Florida and our clinic here sells vitamins. I think they're called vitadone. I'm not quite sure but they're supposed to help with craving sweets. I've never heard of an herb but I know that there is a vitamin you can take to stop you from craving sweets. I need to start using it. I went from 110 lb to 180 lb. I know where you're coming from. Good luck.

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Dogs Rule Says:

It's called kratom. I haven't tried it personally but have ONLY heard great things about it. I.e. alleviates opiate withdrawal, it's also pretty dang cheap. You can order it from Colorado head shops. They'll mail it to you. Hope this helps. Plz lemme know. My prayers to u.

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Roxygirl Says:

Re: MMTSAVEDME (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

VITADONE. The website is vitadone.com. You can also buy it off Amazon. You may want to ask your clinic if they sell it. Many of the MMT clinics sell it to clients. It is a wonderful product!!! I was a little leery to try it because it is pricey at $30 bottle but I had to figure out something to help with those damn sweet cravings! It works so well, it also works amazing for the constipation, sweating, and increased energy. It says to take three a day and you take them with a meal but I started out just taking two to see how it was going to affect me. It took about three weeks to start working for me and I couldn’t believe it; well worth the price!!! {affiliate link added}

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Belinda Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

As another person mentioned I would think it's Kratom, there is a strain for everything, and it helps with pain so much. It also helps with withdrawals, depression, energy. I've spent 30 hours in researching it, then another 20 hours trying to find a seller that had the best. You should first try a sample to see what works best for you. Websites may give you the information on what each strain helps best with. Since I use it for chronic pain, the white maeng de is for day and gives energy, the red maeng de is for night. The taste is horrid, many make tea and drink it just through it in warm water & mixed it or just take a spoon and put it in my mouth.

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Liz Says:

No there’s not anything you can do about the sweet cravings it comes along with the medication. I went to the methanols clinic for 6 years and by the time I quit I was nearly 300 lbs.. be extremely careful . Good luck

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Pat Says:

Google... Mucuna Pruriens For Opiate Withdrawal

They sell it in vitamin shops and on Amazon in capsules. You can even purchase seeds at SurfviewHealth and grow it yourself. They have a sale going on right now.

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Gigi Says:

Re: Riley (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I know this is really old, but I am 95% sure you are talking about Kratom. They have already banned it in many places because IT HELPS with Withdrawals, nausea, pain, ect.. naturally

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Nick NAME Says:

Kratom!!! Legal in the United States and helps with opiate withdrawal but can be addictive if you use it for too long. Sold at every vape shop and gas station. It does help.

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Bee Says:

Nutridone is the herb pill to help crave sweets etc. I have been on methadone 11yrs

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Nikki Says:


I wasn't on the forum you're talking about but I do know of an herb that helps with the sweet issue, it's called gymnema sylvestre BUT you need to look up the side effects of this herb such as the liver.

I hope this helps you!

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