Invega Withdrawal

Dizzle Says:

So I took the invega shot one time. I never went back a week later to get the other dose. I'm not schizophrenic I do have PTSD... Got the shot in January and I feel like its never going to get out of my system.... I say off the wall things that don't make sense.. I talk to myself out of the blue.. I'm angry and take stuff out on my spouse.. I bounce back and forth I didn't do this before until I got this shot...

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concerned parent Says:

dizzle get yourself some niacin and some vitamin c this help curves the schizophrenia and theres also nature made stress B-complex tablets at walmart that help you to eases our stress levels and some natural is the name brand melatonin with 5-HTP in it it helps with sleep and the HTP helps relax the brain these works great together for my daughter whoms 19 years old and been having these same symtoms after coming off invega the voices are bearly there anymore plus she sleeps much better.dont let these dr convince you that you need this pycotic medicine cause you dont its poison to your system they will trying convince you maybe you need a higher dosage trust me it doesnt get any better and you your symtoms only get worse ive already went down that road with my daughter they dont care about your well being its all about money and them getting paid so anyway just a few tips from someone who going through

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a concerned parent Says:

HI dizzle i understand exactly what your talking about when you say you say things that dont make any sense my daughters no longer taking the shot and does the same thing i believe this is one of the withdraw system from being off this medication which i believe is best at all cause so you can begin your healing process right now my daughters currently taking B-12 vitamins,St Johns worth, and 5-htp which calms her to the point where shes in a good mood ,shes calm and co-herent when i talk to her and Malatonin with 5-htp at night to help her sleep the b-12 and the st john worth and the 5-htp calms her to where she not talking to the voices she hears at times she argue with shes given these three 2-3 times through out the day but got to stay away from the caffeine and sugar most definitely plus ginko biobla {2} plus a vitamin B-complex,pluc vitamin C

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