Is Omeprazole Dr And Pepcid Ac Different

Marty Says:

The difference between omepprazole dr and pNepcid ac

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Verwon Says:

They are both different medications in different drug classes.

Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor, it helps reduce the amount of acid produced by the stomach by shutting down some of the proton pumps that produce the acid.

Learn more Omeprazole details here.

The DR just means it is delayed release, so it keeps working for awhile after you take it.

Pepcid AC is a time released formulation of Famotidine, which is a histamine, H2-receptor agonist, so it works differently than the Omeprazole. This one works more like a traditional antacid, in that your stomach still produces the same amount of acid, this just kind of neutralizes some of if afterwards.

Learn more Famotidine details here.

Not all medications work for everyone that tries them, so there are often several different kinds in most therapeutic treatment categories.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Nancy Says:

I am currently taking omeprazole 40mg in the morning and my doctor just prescribed famotidine 20 mg in the pm. I have this feeling like there is something stuck in my throat the omeprazole made it subside a little but now he wants me to add the famotidine too. Will this be ok? Will I get some relief?

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Sashacat Says:

Nancy (4/22/15 post), yes and hopefully it did. My Dr. prescribed the same (Omeprazole 40 mg in am & Famotidine [Pepcid AC] in pm). I get "O" as an RX (much cheaper than OTC). It is for severe/recurring type reflux conditions and works well over time, if taken as prescribed (whether or not you have current symptoms). Famotidine provides that immediate relief "O" cannot provide. I likely have a type of esophagitis and will see a Gastro Dr. for the scope procedure. In the meantime, I am happy Dr. added something for more immediate relief. I started to take a different OTC and it did nothing. The pain, burning, coughing, vomiting (as little as water) sore throat, hoarse voice and now body aches/pains from it all, has become nearly unbearable. I am currently eat soft foods, low in acid, avoid caffeine chocolate, spicy foods and try not to lay down too soon after eating... You may want to look for a list of acid & alkaline food, on-line, if you have not already. I was surprised at some of the foods that have the most acid.
Take care.

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Rose Campbell Says:

Is omeprazole better than pepcid? Is it stronger than pepcid?

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