Is Sertraline Like Xanax

Cherish Says:

I wanted to know if Sertraline is similar to a Xanax? My boyfriend recently got prescribed Sertrailine HCL 50 mg (tablet L U D02) for his panic attacks and anxiety. He told me it was like taking a xanax that he was once prescribed before. I was wondering if they were similar?

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Roy Says:

Hi Cherish,

Even though your boyfriend said that the drugs feel similar for him, Sertraline (brand name Zoloft) and Alprazolam (brand name Xanax) are actually in 2 different drug classes. As a side note, the NDC code of the tablet which you have described is 68180-352.

Sertraline is considered an SSRI antidepressant most commonly prescribed for depression, but it can also be prescribed for anxiety or panic disorder.

Alprazolam is considered a benzodiazepine prescribed to treat anxiety.

So all in all they are quite different in how they act in the brain and which chemicals they interact with, but it is possible that your boyfriend may feel relief from either of those medications. Hope this helps to clear things up!

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zedster2k Says:


No not at all, they belong to different classes of drugs. XANAX if far more potent and habit forming than ZOLOFT which your bf is now taking. Zoloft is an andifepresent and posses no risk of habituation so it is far more widely prescribed these days. Hope that helps.

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Boomer Says:

For anxiety I use black seed oil purchased from the health food store. Google 101 uses of black seed oil. The doctor would not give me oxygen in the car. Geez I used to have 4 or 5 bad attacks a day. Also I can take an Allegra and get better - takes a few to work. I take a spoon of this oil a couple times a day and I can't remember my last attack. Smells and tastes like kerosene which is nasty but really helps me.

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