Is There A Pill That Looks Like A Xanax

Sookie Says:

My nanny is 83 and is taking these way too often. She is only supposed to take them once a day but she takes them multiple times a day then falls and is getting hurt but she's only been taking them for a few days so it's not like she's addicted to them. She's just forgetting and taking more than she should. I gave her her meds in the morning before work but then it's just her and what ever family member I can talk into staying while I'm at work all day. So I'd like to fill her bottle with something that looked like a Xanax but was really just like a vitamin or something so I can give her the one before I leave and when she takes the others throughout the day she wont be so messed up she's falling. It's the green Xanax with a s and 902 on it. I understand if there is anything out there that looks like it, it wont have the s 902 on it but that is ok. I don't think she will notice anyway.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sookie! How are you?

Another idea would be for you to take the medication with you, after giving her the morning dose, so she can't take anymore. Or to buy a lock box and keep the key with you.

The FDA warns that Xanax carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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EDDY Says:

You can potentially kill her by giving her vitamins. She shouldn't be your Nanny at this point if she is in charge of others. At her age she is in great danger and you should talk with her Doctor

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Matek Says:

You mean so you can steal from her... A junkie knows a junkie Homie.

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CC0930 Says:

Re: Matek (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Haha, exactly. Has to be WAY better than that to fool us. Say she were addicted, that is a VERY dangerous withdrawal that needs to be monitored by professionals, esp. at her age. I highly doubt you are qualified to do this. So yes, I would also suggest just leaving her what she is prescribed or put in a daily pill holder. Or be honest?

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Carebear Says:

I know this is old, but why wouldn't you just take the prescription bottle and give her the 1 a day? Why would you want to place something else in the bottle so that your "forgetful nanny" goes and contiously takes it? Your Nanny, like most older people should, and I'm sure would, appreciate it if her pills are laid out for her everyday. This is why they have those labeled pill containers. Your post makes no sense and it is obvious why you are asking.

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sarah Says:

Do any OTC pills look like .5mg yellow oval xanax pill? And if so, what are they for? My daughter says they're allergy pills but I do not believe it.

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