On Sub For 6 Days And Want To Stop Now Before Dependence .. Please Help

GettingInformed Says:

So I'm hoping someone here can help me, I was addicted to percocet after several knee surgeries and knew that I was dependant, I couldn't afford to get sick from wd as I work a very demanding FT job and take care of a home, 3 kids, husband.. Hands are full.. Anyhow, I went to see a suboxone doctor after hearing this would be a great way to avoid the deathly wd symptoms.. This has been the most shameful, humiliating and degrading clinic experience ever... Not sure if anyone has been to ontario canada and have had to go through the clinics here.. Let me start, first apt, walk in and clinic full of street ppl, serious drug abusers mostly dependant on methadone and then trying to sell it right outside the clinic amungst other things, totally intimidating for someone like me that has NEVER had any addiction issues of any kind, don't drink or smoke.. Never have.. I go in the woman tells me to go pee in a cup in front of 2 cameras. (Fine) bring her back the urine and she tells me to go do my blood work and come back for a scheduled apt to meet dr and get inducted on suboxone.. I had so many questions and the nurse said nothing more then, go ask one of the other users here, they have time to answer, I'm busy working.. (B****) so I wd myself as required for the sub induction and go meet the dr. He immediately is judging me and even has the balls to make a smart ass comment after I told him I am a ft employee with a great job and a homeowner, he looks at me and was like.. You mean the bank owns it right.. Aka mortgage... "Actually f*** tard, yes technically I still have a cpl more years left on my mortgage but I'm almost mortgage free, (yay me)" what does that matter anyway, then he proceeds to tell me how serious my addiction is blah blah blah and how worried he is, and as soon as I told him that my intentions are only to take sub long enough to surpass the wd phase and then off, I had zero intentions of subbing one drug for another or have any long term plans to keep on sub, I don't feel I need too.. And I feel it totally defeats the purpose of wanting to just safely detox the percocet out of my system, he told me at this point that I have to be on this program for 6mos to 1 yr.... "Why??" And that for 2 months I have to see him twice a week, u.a. each time, and have my dose
(8mg sub) at a pharmacy daily and taken under supervision.. Meaning I have to pull the time out of my ass not only to go to the doctor around my insane schedule, but find a pharmacy obviously not to close to home (to save on embarrassment) and ask for my dose, then take it in front of a pharmacist or whatever staff, stand there until it's gone and open my mouth and show that it's gone.. Wtf?? This to me is so degrading and humiliating and inconvenient, who the hell has time for this, I appreciate the help doctor but i am kind of wishing I just roughed it out at home with a few days booked off work... I am now at day. 6 and would like to know if I am going to suffer wd if I stop taking my dose, I am assuming that the opiate wd time would be done or near done, I also assume that I have not take sub long enough to be very physically dependant on it, can I stop or is that wrong and will I be in for hell?? I desperate for an answer, and hope I can rely on someone to know and assist... So sorry for the rant but there isn't a soul that knows what I am going through and no one to talk to about this... Any help would be amazing.. Thank you so much.....

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Verwon Says:

I am so sorry about what you've been through.

However, you do need to understand where that doctor is coming from… the type of people that he usually deals with are real hardcore addicts. The type of people that have been abusing drugs for a very long time and in ever increasing amounts. That is actually what Suboxone is intended to treat. And he has no choice about the instructions that he has to give you for taking it, in front of a pharmacist, regular visits to him and etc. The regulations for that have been put in place by the government.

But that's why you were treated that way and why he doubted you about the mortgage and etc. The people he usually sees are severe addicts and they all come in making claims just like yours.

If you weren't abusing the Percocet and were only taking it as prescribed, you weren't really addicted, you were just dependent on it. Abuse is when you're a hardcore user that will go out of your way to get more of it and you keep taking more and more of it, because you like the way it makes you feel.

If you were just dependent on it, then you wouldn't suffer the extreme severe withdrawal effects from stopping it and you aren't the type of person that Suboxone was intended to treat. You likely could have worked with your regular doctor to just taper slowly off of the Percocet.

Learn more Percocet details here.

Now, the next part that it seems you aren't aware of is that Suboxone actually contains a very potent narcotic itself, it's main active ingredient is Buprenorphine, so you've still just traded one drug for another.

Learn more Suboxone details here.

And if you stop taking it abruptly, you may still experience some withdrawal effects, perhaps even worse than those you'd have had if you'd just stopped the Percocet on your own.

Do you have a PCP that you see regularly?

At this point, it might be a good idea to talk to them about it and see what they think would be best for you to do. They may even be able to talk to the Suboxone doctor for you and explain things.

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Terrified and alone Says:

Thank you so much for your reaponse, greatly appreciated!! What's a PCP?? I feel so lost, yes I was abusing the percocet and taking more then prescribed, not a crazy insane amount, have never moved to anything heavier like oxy, I have real pain, I have degenerative osteo arthritis and indeed it is very painful, The percocet really did make me fel better, I could sleep full nights without waking up each time I had to turn over due to pain, I could go through the whole work day without feeling so stiff and having to putt my legs up every day, I also found a little bit of euphoria, and that's how the magic happened.. I felt like I could get so much done, could clean home, cook, work all day, manage everything so much easier... I began taking to many, as soon as I identified that this was a total issue and I was running out well before I should have, I discovered what wd was.. Wow.. So like a fool I kept taking them until I found out about suboxone and want this to stop before it gets really out of control... I'm not sure what to do and I am truly scared of being dependant on another narcotic like suboxone, I am hoping to bring my concerns to the doctor tomorrow and ask him to wein me off.. I'm at 8 mg now and want to do 6.. Then 4, then 2, then none.. I am confident there will never be a relapse as I have had to suffer for this one and have totally learned my lesson.. I don't want to be this person, I want to set a living example to my kids and have then be proud of me for being a strong woman and mother... I have so many emotions and no one to share them with that actually understands, this is a whole other world for me but I have totally been humbled and realize this can happen to anyone....

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IrishAbs Says:

Your body will go thru bad WD's if ur on 8mg's a day. I take 2 msgs..... but mine are Subutex pills. And it's hard for me. Ajax and Clonidine can help but they're also addicting, but take them as prescribed and ur good. Go to a Dr. That will write u Xanax for high Anxiety! Call me {edited for privacy}.

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