Prolia Loss Of Taste And Smell

Donna Says:

I have been taking Prolia injections for 2 years now. Over time, I've noticed that my sense of taste and smell has diminished. As of 6 months ago, I have totally lost the ability to taste anything sweet. Desserts of any kind taste bitter to me. I have also been on Levothyroxine (Synthoid) for a few years prior to starting the Prolia, but the loss of taste and smell has been significantly worse since I started the Prolia injections. Has anyone else experienced taste and smell issues taking Prolia?

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Sandy Says:

Yes I haven't any taste. Feel a little hungry. Then no taste and don't want it. Also my shoulders are really hurting, then goes to my head. I have several health problems but I know my body. Was not a candidate for Prolia at all and I would not take it again. Best of luck to you

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Elaine Says:

I lost my sense of taste the 3rd day of taking my second shot. Am due for for my 3rd shot, taste is slowly coming back, will not be taking the injection.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Donna,

What a terrible situation to be in.

I was able to find some individual reports of people claiming that the Prolia injection causes them to have less sense of taste but nothing from a credible source or medical study that would indicate that this is the root cause. In no way do I doubt that it is possible as it does come up across multiple forums and discussion threads, I'm just stating that as far as the FDA and NIH are concerned there is no concrete study supporting this theory.

What I suggest you do is discuss this with your doctor as they will have access to your medical records/history and be able to make an education decision as to what your next action should be if any at all.

I wish I could help a bit more than this but without a credible study there really isn't much more that a person on the outside can do to aid you. Best of luck.

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Barbara Says:

Re: Kevin (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Kevin, I’ve taken Prolia for 1yr (x2inj). I have lost my sense of taste and smell totally. I have told my primary Dr and the Dr I receive the Prolia from. Both say what you are saying but I had no problem with either before I started taking the Prolia and I told both Drs this to. Maybe there should be a study done ! I know it’s terrible when I’am cooking and don’t know what it needs, that’s what bothers me the most. And I’am not hungry, loss of appetite.

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Marilyn Says:

Re: Barbara (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I lost sense of taste and smell 20 years ago after chemotherapy for breast cancer, and it has never returned. Not only does it impact my enjoyment of food, but it is a bit dangerous in that I do not pick up on smoke or gas, either.

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Lavettah Brewer Says:

I have been that way ever since I agreed to try it.cant taste,smell, this proliashot came so close to killing me.

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Barbara Says:

I too have been on Prolia for 2yrs as of
Dec 7. I do have the same problem with taste and smell all though mine started after the second injection of Prolia. I’ve learned to adapt to both but just knowing how to season everything you make is very hard. So I ask someone to try it and tell me what it needs. I do think as long as it is making my bones stronger then I can deal with it.

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Viv Says:

I have and am still having issues since starting on the journey for bone structure. First I did the daily injections of Forteo and then Prolia. Maybe the meds are good but is it worth all the other issues you are subjective to. Now back to your question, I have not lost my sense of smell which has always been my strongest sense. My taste has diminished to the point I don't enjoy the food I eat because I am hungry.

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Barbara Says:

Re: Kevin (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I just had my four injection of Prolia and I too have no sense of taste or smell. I did ask my Doctor
and she said that it can affect the immune system which it part of the senses, but Prolia is working for me so I will keep taking it.
I have degenerative bone disease and don’t and I’am only 67 yrs old and don’t want to live the rest of my life in a wheelchair.

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Sassaman1 Says:

Yes, started out with smell and taste of metallic and then lost all smell and taste ability

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Arr Says:

I have noticed an odd taste a few days after the injection.

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Anne Says:

Lost my. sense of taste almost immediately after my 6th injection. Was taking no other meds at the time so I’m sure is was the Prolia. Have not taken it since and taste has not returned after two years. Can only taste sweet things. Did not affect sense of smell. Keep hoping taste will return. Has significantly affected my quality of life.

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Grandma d Says:

Re: Kevin (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Please do the study! I had fantastic sense of smell, it is gone. I have a mitochondrial mutation Lhon. Prior to my first Prolia shot, I had lost my central vision and 50% of my hearing. I was afraid to get the shot. It was the only thing offered tome for my bone loss. I had intense bone pain and now I still have bone pain 3 months in and now have lost a sense of smell . All food is bitter. No joy lefft.

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Jewel Says:

After 3 injections I notice my sense of smell and taste has changed and because of extreme nausea I have lost interest in food. Also severe head pain, hot and cold chills and tiredness/lethargy. I won’t be continuing with Prolia.

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Jewel Says:

Re: Kevin (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

My doctor hasn’t been much help except to cease injections and change to a tablet bisulphate which will also have similar side effects

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