Changing From Mylan To Greenstone Ok?

kika Says:

I have been taking alprazolam 0.5 in the a.m. for several years made by Mylan. It has bern discontinued by the manufacturer. Costco is now carrying Greenstone. Will I notice a difference in the manufacturer? I suffer from PTSD since my son was killed. I take regular alprazolam 0.5 at bedtime by Dava... seems to be fine. My dr. tells me not to change manufacturer on generics. Is greenstone a reputable company?

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EDDY Says:

That is a very strange thing your Doctor told you about not changing Generic brands, That is like saying only drink Royal Crown Cola, not Pepsi or Coke. A pharmacy will change brands if their supplier finds a better price. Just yesterday I picked up Mylan 1 mg Xanax at Rite Aid. If your Doctor is truly worried for you and just wants to prescribe the name brand version of Xanax that is possible too, although insurance will probably not cover it.

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Panchita Says:

It seems as though I am allergic to some of the "fillers" used in some prescriptions. That is why she said stick with what I am used to. Thank you for your response though.

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VerFree Says:

I understand that issue, Panchita, I am very sensitive to medications, and any slight change, too. It can be very annoying, and frustrating. I dread my pharmacy switching.

However, without knowing specifically what filler(s) you are sensitive to, the only thing you can do is try one from a different manufacturer, and see how it works for you, unless there is a risk of you experiencing life threatening allergic reactions.

The FDA warns that Alprazolam carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, and mood changes.

What symptoms do you experience?

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Sue Says:

I was taking .25 alprazolam made by Dava for 20 years and it worked great. I recently switched prescription companies and they filled the prescription and it doesn't work at all. I called them and they said it was made by Sandoz. I even increased the dosage and still am unable to sleep. Since its a controlled substance, my doctor tells me there is nothing he can do until the script is due for renewal....2 months. I even wanted to take it to a pharmacy and hand it in to ge the Dava brand but they won't work with me at all. Its just awful. I'm trying melatonin, CBD oil and tonight extra magnesium. I'm so desperate for sleep. I am surprised that they aren't more tightly regulated. My body was very sensitive to Dava. If I increased or lowered the slightest, I could feel it. This stuff is like nothing....I'm going to call the script company again because I'm starting to think its something else entirely.

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