Fake Xanax Bar Is Buspar - Beware

mpayday Says:

They have a med called buspar that looks exactly like a xanax bar except one side has only 2 score lines as to divide into 3rds. Beware.

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Verwon Says:

It's not a fake tablet, it's actually just people looking at it and assuming what it is, rather than actually looking it up to check.

Buspar is an anxiolytic, so while it does help with anxiety, it must be taken regularly, not on an as needed basis. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and headache.

A couple tablets that people have assumed were other medications, but which are actually Buspar is a white, oval tablet with M B3 on one side and 5 5 5 on the other and another that has the marking TV 1003 on one side and 5 5 5 on the other.

From what I can tell, it is the division marks on them and the shape that causes people to assume they're a benzodiazepine.

Are there any questions or concerns?

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Mr Tipper Says:

If you are getting fake Xanax, it's obvious you are not getting them from a licensed M.D. and Pharmacist. That is the only legal way you can get them and they won't be fake. You are just telling people who read this site that you are getting drugs illegally. Those of us who are honestly trying to learn about the best ways to treat anxiety or panic attacks, don't enjoy reading about your concerns over thinking your illegal drugs are fake. If you really have these conditions, go to a real doctor.

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Debbie Says:

Busbar is more like an antidepressant. It effects the serotonin. It's not an SSRI. Just started talking to my doc. Gotta do more research.

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EDDY Says:

Actually Debbie you are quite mistaken about BusPar. What type of research are you and your Doctor doing?

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Maryland madman Says:

Eddy is a cop. He is on every thread that has to do with fake xanax , calling people out

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Bamaboy Says:

Tell them like it is Mr tipper, you're exactly right. I'm glad someone was going to say it is because another scroll down I would have but they're yours was I do have anxiety I am 2 milligram why bars they have the hump in the back and on one side and gg 2 363 or something like that and I'm actually out but I had a buddy of mine loan me one for the fact that been a rough day and I needed to have my medicine. well I took a white bar 2 on the back with no hump lines through the two 1 line through the two on one side and xanax on the other written in capital letters. on the other it had 4 lines cut like the real ones. you can break off a quarter of the bar so you can take a lower dose. I took a half about 10 minutes ago and all of a sudden I noticed it was real hard. I started doing it. I did not taste anything bitter but immediately spit it out but then 30 seconds later I started tasting a real bitter taste. started worrying me. I spit the rest of what I had in my mouth out and I quickly started searching/reviewing things on here. I believe there is a xanax but they are not nothing like the ones I'm prescribed. they also do not look like they were stamped from the street because they were made in a pharmacy. I can tell of how they are shaped roundly on the edges of the bar and also the small indention grooved line also has curves on the inside of outer lying line. also feel nauseated at first. eventually I took what I was able to get back out of the white residue that I go out of my mouth and put back in my mouth and now I'm feeling like have definitely taken a bar but not as strong. I would say it feels like I've taken 0.25. OMG I don't know for a fact they're real but I believe our government is getting pharmacists to stamp pills to look just the same, work the same, but only have three quarters of the potency gone, that way they can make money people. it all works like a Mafia organization history repeats.

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SayWhat Says:

Oh boy, I hear what you said and I agreed with you 100%

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pjt Says:

"Legally vs illegally" welcome to America. So when a Dr tells you, "yes, you have severe anxiety. Here is a script for xanax" then it is safer and accepted by judgemental people as yourself? Here is some info that your mind can't seem to comprehend...for one there are LEGAL web-based pharmacies in which case UPS brings you your doses and never do you see a pharmacist. Two, addiction is taking its grip on America....does that make these addicts non american? So we turn down their questions that hopefully will keep them safer than they are left to their own devices due to the fact that signs point to illegal drug activity?? Jackass you are bro...Go outside for 15 minutes, and you will see numerous "illegal activities" involving drugs. You must be a cop. Find others to harass u no good POS. And leave my people alone. Sometimes we get sick together....sometimes we do stupid s*** together, but everytime we ride with eachother. So leave my people alone, end of story.

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Halo Says:

Existe uma grande diferença, quanto às reais concentrações do princípio ativo Buspirona, no Brasil. Salvo se alguns lotes adulterados tenham sido recolhidos, o único seguro é o da marca Ansitec. Chegueia tomar 8 Buspanil de 10 mg, que foi o memso que um simples 'copo de água'. Já o Ansitec, 1 comprimido de 10 mg, começou a fazer 'efeito ansiolítico', a partir de 20 minutos após a tomada. Eles realmente são muito bons e seguros, embora não provoquem dependência.

Google Translate (may not be 100% accurate):

There is a big difference in the actual concentrations of the active principle Buspirone in Brazil. Unless some adulterated lots have been collected, the only insurance is the Ansitec brand. I got to take 8 Buspanil 10 mg, which was the memso that a simple 'glass of water'. Ansitec, 1 tablet of 10 mg, began to have anxiolytic effect, starting 20 minutes after the taking. They really are very good and safe, although they do not provoke addiction.

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Moby Says:

Hell yes tell that cop to f off! Who the f*** do they think they are? They are the monsters our children and grandchildren fear. I was pulled over a week ago and was asked if I had drugs or a weapon. I said I do have a pocket knife and was asked to exit the vehicle head down, made to keep my hands on top of my head with my chest against the vehicle as to appear like a criminal to all around. Then after running my background and information check told me that I was free to go. My belongings from my pockets were on the passenger seat. I thank him for violating my rights and as I drove away I noticed that he had kept my Kershaw approximately $40 pocket knife. This cop was from Euless Texas 76040. Tall somewhat muscular Hawaiian Hispanic perhaps with a light tan colored sleeve covering most of one arm. Beware of this piece of s***. He also asked if he could search my vehicle to which I replied no. I haven't I've been violated enough? He did not reply and did not search my vehicle. The police in this country are out of control people. We have to do something. I'm not sure what the answer is but I think we need to have less of them not more. Not more nosy a**holes like this POS. I'm smelling too much bacon here lately ;-)

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Hannh Says:

Re: Mr Tipper (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Some people have anxiety and need them but can't get them prescribed. All of us aren't as fortunate.

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