Flexeril Yellow Pill With An 41 Round

chanel Says:

Don't take this pill it was subscribed to me by a doctor and it made me feel even worse!! PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS PILL THEY NEED TO TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET!!

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Verwon Says:

HI, Chanel! Sorry that you had problems with this medication.

This is a generic for Flexeril that contains 10mgs of Cyclobenzaprine, it is just a muscle relaxant, but you may have experienced some side effects from it, it can cause nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and drowsiness.

Learn more Cyclobenzaprine details here.

What types of problems did you experience?

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Thankful Says:

I have severe DDD and bulged discs in my vertebrae between C4-C7. I am politely agreeing to disagree with you. The medicine has some side effects (dizziness, dry mouth, drowsiness etc) but nothing that should have someone screaming to take it off the market. I, for one, am very thankful for this medication as it gets me through the tough times between epidural injections (only allowed 3 per year)

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KC Says:

You are absolutely correct. This might make you feel groggy after taking it but if you have painful bulging discs it works wonderfully and does what regular pain meds dont. It relaxes the terrible muscle spasms and lets you sleep.

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JOHN Says:

What did the Flexarill do to you ? It's a harmless drug used as a muscle relaxer but it can make you tired, look for it to be sold OTC soon.

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BL Says:

Flexarill won't be sold OTC in the U.S.

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JOHN Says:

I know - I was trying to make a point about how few side effects there are compared to others in its class.

There's no reason to be afraid of the drug.

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Katrina Says:

It Helps me as well but gives me R.L.S some times.. I don't know why but it does..makes my legs cramp ...

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Amy Says:

I was screaming the same thing years ago. I don't now because it does work for a lot of people but we aren't all the same. I was not on any other meds but was prescribed this for neck spasms. Even a half would have my whole body hurting the next day. To lift my arm I felt like I had 50lbs attached to it. Same for all my limbs & head. My Dr said this does happen to some people & took me off of it. Everyone needs to understand just because something works or doesn't have the same side effects for you doesn't mean it doesn't happen to others. I seem to fall in the 5% side effect category in a lot of meds. I rarely take anything because of this

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Belingga Says:

Maybe you didn't take it, maybe somehow you got slipped the wrong one. It's only a weak muscle relaxer that does not even work anyway. Like taking a baby aspirin. That would even work better than this Flexeril crap. They give you them in ER's to shut people up about pain. It's more like a mind over matter pill to make you think you got something for pain, so stop crying about nothing it's all in your head. Unless your allergic to something in it which I doubt if your allergic to hydroxide and that's what they put in our water to purify it. Yep, we call them the known pill. Because its KNOWN to do nothing. Oops sorry for your pain though. Most Doctors are people like us, only difference is they can be A**HOLES.

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Danny Says:

I have been taking Flexeril off and on for over 20 years and never had a bad experience. You should never tell people to not take something their doctor prescribed. Just because you had a bad experience does not mean everyone will.

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Chas Says:

It may have been a little extreme to say DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL...but its just as harsh to say it's mind over matter. Come on now. To alot of people Flexeril and/or Cyclobenzaprine may not be a strong medication. But to some its the side effects that bother people. It's been known that the muscle relaxers may work when taken, but have bad effects on your muscles the following day. Cramps especially have been known to occur very strongly in people who have taken it. I myself find Flexeril to work well, but what works for one may not for others.

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Wanda Says:

I suffer from chronic muscle spasms in my back if it were not for this medicine I wouldn't know what to do!! It helps relieve the excruciating pain in my back when taken it also allows me to get a little sleep in between doses. Rest is very important when taking this medication it promotes healing. Stay hydrated and eat while taking meds you should be fine and do not use or operate any heavy duty machines it may cause drowsiness in some. Overall it's the only medication that works for me. Pain medication like OxyContin Percocet Tylenol 3 does NOT WORK FOR ME

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