Hey Im Perscribed Roxicodone For My Back And Norm Get The Blue Pills I Went To A New Pharmacy And They Sent Me Orange And Blue Capsules

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yes im working with a new private pharmacist that send me my medications and the roxicodne he sent me was in a capsule i have anxiety so i get nervous about taking things im not familer with could someone please help me out due to them being closed cause of the holiday

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onamission Says:

im willing to drive as far south as needed im a ex cancer patient in remission with pain on my left side on the last day of my radiation treatment they boosted the radiation up and while walking i was run over by a work truck im on my 2nd surgery in 4 years and the pain is un tolerable i was getting roxy no problem from walgreens for 2 years now im told they cant fill them unless im lucky to be there at the right time im hoping someone can tell me somewhere in south miami a walgreens that can fill my roxys for me your help is appreciated ty

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mat Says:

i can help you find a place to fill them but its located in west palm

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mat Says:

id like to try those caps

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Alwyshelp Says:

Any pharmacy not filling legitimate pain medecine should be reported to your states attorney general.the day of pill mills is over and legitimate pain sufferers have rights.make the call and they will direct you.dont be ashamed of your condition. You have rights under pharmaceutical laws governed by your state and the constitution

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