I Found A Pill In My Sons Room I Need To Know What It Is

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it is a long white pill divided 3 times with a #5 in each block and on the other side is a 56 and a 65

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tipalm Says:


Non-narcotic anti-anxiety.

Some kid a school probabaly giving it out... bet they dont know its non-narcotic.

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peter Says:

I found an oval shape pill in the house that says FF in upper case on one side. The other side does not say any. The size is about Kirkland 600 mg calcium pill size but more oval and thinner. The surface color is faded but has brownish surface after the coating is peeled off. I would be grateful if anyone let me know what it is.

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Seedback Says:

it is probably a Fishermans Friend pill

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Mila Says:

Yesterday I found the same oval pill on my son's bedroom. No, Its not a Fisherman Friend. Its a white with small yellow spots, has a salty taste. I don't know what it is.

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Dianne Says:

Did you find out what it is? I have found same pill.

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