New Suboxone?

Madison Says:

I am questioning a pill. The doc said to my friend it is a new suboxone however i cannot locate it anywhere. Its is a round orange pill with an orange flavor with the imprint of a dagger on one side i think and i cant see what the other side says. it may have a coating of sorts on it. Has anyone heard of this new suboxone shape?

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Grace Says:

normal suboxone 8mg tablet is kindof big, octogon shape with small cross shape on one side as well. It is not a "new" suboxone tablet, however. If you bring it to any pharmacist and show it, they will confirm what it is. They won't take it from you either. Hope this helped. Thanks, Grace Patient Services Manager

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cstop317 Says:

the newer generic suboxone pills that are round instead of octagon and dont have the cross on it either, they are definitely suboxones,

But my question is are they still to be put under the tongue like the original ones?

CanI still take them in halves like the original ones?

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