Oval Shaped Yellow Pill With A 1 On One Side Of The Break Line And An 8 On The Other

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I found a small oval shaped pill with a break line on one side there is a 1 and an 8 on the other side of the break line but on the same side of the pill...what is this?

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Joy Says:

Is it sort of pale yellowish in color? And does the opposite side of the 1 and 8 with the scored break line have an A on it? If so this is a generic form of Zoloft - 100mg. Scored to break so u can take just 50mg at a time in needed or if what dr prescribed. Zoloft usually an antidepressant or used for anxiety or OCD, but sometimes prescribed for other reasons. I was given for help with migraines. I have suffered with migraines off and on for years and have taken pain meds nd Imitrex in the past. But started having the migraines again at least twice a week, sometimes 3, and sometimes last for a couple days before relief, then maybe a day free and back again. Debilitating. So trying this same generic to see if it will help. Hope u had an answer b4 now though since I see you asked in July but didn't see an answer back to you. Hope you have a blessed day!! :-)

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Joy Says:

Oh my goodness. Not only was your question from July, but just noticed it was July of 2010. Didn't notice that before or wouldn't have bothered. Hope u had an answer back then. U probably sought answer somewhere else back then if u didn't get a followup here. Hope u did. U probably won't even see this now after 2 years. Sorry about that. But just in case hope all are well. God bless.

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