Pain Management Withdrawal

Scott Says:

Hi, my name is Scott. I've been on roughly 180-240mgs of 30mg roxicodone for going on six yrs now. Several yrs back I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and as time went by things got a lot worse. Well about a yr ago I went in for a doc visit and my doc told me he was retiring. And due to the past, my drug panels have shown up positive for thc. So there wasn't another doctor around that would prescribe me pain meds again. My doc gave me one last script to "so called" wean myself off of them. And I asked him how long it would take for the w.d. to go away? He said at that point oh a couple days and everything will be fine again. Boy was he dead wrong! It's been actually around a yr since he has prescribed them to me and since then like I said earlier I was taking 180-240mgs a day. Well since then I have been able to slowly wean myself down to two 30mg roxicodones a day. Which has been the hardest thing I have EVER had to do in my life! Well I have tried just about everything to keep lowering the dose and I can't seem to get past where I'm at. Also I have a huge concern when I do finally come off them completely and that is in the end there's gonna be some kind of withdrawal. Well 20 plus yrs ago I was diagnosed with Epilepsy due to getting in a fight, getting hit in the head and getting knocked out cracking my skull open on a concrete curb. Since then I have had a least 2 dozen full blown grand mal seizures. Each time this happens I am hospitalized in intensive care for anywhere from a week or two hooked up to every thing known to man to keep me alive and breathing. There r several things that can cause a seizure for me however drugs and alcohol r the absolute worst for my condition! I don't get seizures at the time of drinking or doing drugs but after when my body goes through a withdrawal period is when I am most in danger to have one. Well what I'm looking for is to get some opinions from personal experience as well as professional experience regarding going through the withdrawals and if I'm at risk to have seizures during this time? I have never went without oxys the whole time I was on them so idk what to expect! Thank you for taking the time out to read this! Any information you can give me regarding this matter will be much appreciated!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Scott! How are you?

Are you on any medications to prevent seizures?

Being on one, or having its dosage raised for awhile by your doctor might be a good preventative, just in case, since your seizures put you in so much danger.

Other typical withdrawal effects may possibly include nausea, diarrhea, anxiety, depression, and rebound pain.

If you are taking the regular release tablets, it is possible to cut them to take a lower dose and do a more gradual taper, if your doctor approves.

Does anyone else have any advice or ideas that may help?

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TIM Says:

Hey Scott,

Congrats on your slow/glacial taper. It is unclear why you are going off the Roxi. If you don't have to, mayb don't push it. If you have to, try to get 10mg tabs like Verwan said, instead of 30s and taper by 10mgs every week or two. Only do this with the support/care of a pain doc who may want this process to proceed differently.

Dr. Tim Sams

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