Pink Oxycodone 10mg Tabs Imprinted With 048

Paula Johnsen Says:

I was taking 2 white 5mg oxycodone IR tabs 2x/day but they were only partially useful in reducing my pain. My doctor reluctantly prescribed 2 pink 10 mg oxycodone IR
(= 20mg) tabs every 12 hours. The number 048 is on these tabs. I have had them for three days now and I am taking them as prescribed, but they do not seem to work nearly as well as the former 5mg white tabs. Is this an issue that is simply in my head or is there a reason why taking 2 of the pink 10 mg tabs twice a day aren't working like I thought they would? Again, the number on the pink 10mg tabs reads 048. Thank anyone who has some substantive feedback to my question.

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Corey Says:

Are you taking an otc Tylenol with the pink 10? Maybe if the 5mg you werr previously taking had Tylenol in it maybe that also helped with the Odin as well.

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JD Says:

I am experiencing the same thing. I was taking two 5 mg white oxycodone every 4-6 hours for pain. I was changed to 1-2 of the pink 10 mg oxycodone every 4-6 hours. I do think that the white 5 mg tablets worked better than the pink 10 mg tablets. These are just the oxycodone w/ no acetaminophen added. I have also noticed that the pink oxys make me extremely dizzy and nauseous. The white oxys will do the same but not as severe. I am glad that someone else has experienced this. I thought, like you, that it was all in my mind.

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anonymous Says:

I think it might be in your head. Did you ask your Dr for 4, 5mg tabs instead? I am prescribed clonazepam for anxiety and I am on 4, 1mg tabs/day. I take two in the morning. I feel taking 2, 1mg opposed to a 1
2mg tab is more effective. I used to fill them at Rite Aid also but they used to have the green Teva's and now they have switched to yellow. I get them filled at Walmart now because they still carry the green Teva's. Again I'm sure it's in my head but I feel they work better probably because that's what they prescribe at all hospitals. Psychologicalally the 1mg yellow pills remind me of the .5mg tabs.

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allison Says:

You should try the dark pink with the number 12/ letter/ Np on both side oxycodone 10 mg really work I take 4 a day.

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Nick Says:

Re: anonymous (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

It’s not in your head. Teva works better. I had the same problem. We can’t all be crazy.

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