Roxicodone 30mg In Nj

need meds kat Says:

My Dr retired and has been prescribing me 30mg roxicodone for the last three years at least and in desperate need to find a new one that will prescribe the same asap

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Taylor Says:

I know a doctor did you say you live in New Jersey? He has 2 offices one in NYC and one in Westchester. I had the same thing happen to me my dr retired after 10 years gave me the name of the doctor I went and have been on the same qty of 30mg for over a year now.

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Tomas Says:

If you need a dr I will help you. Just don't know if I should be putting it on this forum. I have the perfect doctor. I get 360 a month and the same thing happened to me, my dr retired and it took me over 6 doctors to find this one.

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Lefty Says:

Re: Taylor (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Would you be willing to share your doctor?

{edited for privacy}

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