Show What Oxycontin Oc And Op Pills Look Like In Both Name Brand And Generic Brands Pictures

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a want to see what a oxycontin 80 op & co brand and genic picture, as well as this pill i found on the ground outside in my yard & I have a 13 yr. son it looks like the following description as follow's

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Verwon Says:

I don't have a picture to post for you.

However, both the original Oxycontin and the new Oxycontin OP are round, light green tablets. They both have the number 80 on one side, then the original has OC on the opposite and the new product has OP on the opposite side.

As to a generic, there is no generic of the Oxycontin available. There have been many legal battles about it and the one company that had legal right to distribute it, let their contract expire last year.


If there are different markings on the pill you have, it could still be Oxycodone, but in a different formulation that isn't time released.

Can you post back with the imprint from the tablet(s) in question?

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lisa brook Says:

help me reconize abuse

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lisa brook Says:

show what a oxycontin 80mg looks like and show the opana also

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Dr Carl W Says:

You can view an image of 80mg Oxycontin by clicking here

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David Says:


What brand or dosage of Opana are you looking for? Depending upon the manufacturer, each pill may also have a different appearance.

In the meantime, if you were to run a search on google images for "opana pills", I believe you'll find a good number of photos pertaining to all the different dosages, shapes, and colors of each tablet.

I hope this helps!

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ned Says:

Round yellow pill E on one side

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Curious Says:

Comparison OP to OC is the letter P?

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Lucy Says:

I have a pill that is small pink coated, was told it was an oxycontin 10 mg,

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