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urinary tract irritation-navy blue capsule

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gail taylor Says:

I need some information about
this drug..I was given samples today for a urinary problem...

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nenene123 Says:

What else is on the capsule, letters and/or numbers?

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nenene123 Says:

I was able to find this capsule. It is called UTA or Urinary Tract Antiseptic. It has Hyoscyamine 0.12mg, Methenamine 120mg, Methylene Blue 10mg, Phenyl Salicylate 36 mg, and Sodium Phosphate 40.8mg. Lots of ingredients huh? Anyway...it does several things. It serves as an antibiotic for infection, has a component of pain medication in it, consists of a muscle relaxer to relax the bladder muscles and regulates urine flow. It is relatively new from what I could tell. It sounds like it is the perfect solution to a UTI.

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Nic Says:

It makes your pee some kind of neon-green hue. If you have a roommate, it's a great way to make them flip out if you forget to flush the toilet.

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shannon Says:

I have been taking this medication for about a week. It helps way more than the otc azo that I had been taking. My problem is sensitive bladder, causing random spasams, and sudden loss of urine. so far this seems to have helped. Urine is very blue! strange!

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Nick Says:

UTA capsule SJ646

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Ash Says:

Located on the capsule is the following: SJ 646

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Charlotte Lawrence Says:

I used to take Urised and it was a great help. When it went off the market, my doctor gave me a perscription for Urised, but it was too expensive. I read about UTA and wondered about where to get it and the price. Can you help me?

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