What Is A Small Round White Pill With X S On Both Sides Of It?

sara Says:

I found this pill outside on ground and would like to know what it is

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Verwon Says:

Several people have found pills like this recently, but I am still unable to locate an identification on them.

They aren't listed in the prescription drug databases, so that means they are most likely something that's available over the counter.

Learn more OTC drug details here.

What is your general location? That may give me a better idea of where to look.

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Sayre Says:

I have some white pills with X's on both sides (or ++s) and I was told they were 2 mg clonazepam from overseas, but I cant find anything on the internet stating that. I'm weary. The person said "they feel the same, they taste the same." but Im thinking that's the stupidest thing ever. I mean, there should be an imprint!

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Sayre Says:

Well, I heard that a company takes Roche pills and takes away the imprint, and then puts another X on the side so that it goes across customs and nobody knows what it is. Could that be possible? They said it was a "real" pill manufacturing company, but when I asked what the name was, they couldn't remember, as they were kinda messed up from the pills! A lot of people have been taking them recently and getting a clonipin-like high. The only diff is the pills are more crumbly. I know this sounds bad, but they wouldn't lie or use me like that. However, the place they are getting the pills from- I dont trust them or their "source." Thanks,

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