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Difference Between Adderall And Amphetamine Salts 685 REPLIES
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Difference Between Adderall And Amphetamine Salts

I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADD and have been prescribed Amphetamine Salts (Generic for Adderall) for a few months now. The initial dosage was one 10mg tablet/ three times a day and recently my Doctor upped the dosage to one 30mg tablet/ twice a day. I know that overall this has been very beneficial for me but I cant help but wonder if the generic brand (IR Amphetamine Salts) has less of the active ingredient, and more unnecessary side effects(irritability, fatigue). I know that while the active ingredients are likely to be the same, the "fillers" usually are not and even the active ingredients can vary up to 10%. I also know that everybody reacts differently depending on their bodies' make-up as well as the drugs and I have always reacted sensitively to any kind of ...

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Adderall on backorder

I take generic Adderall 20 mg for narcolepsy and there is not one local pharmacy that has it in stock. I have never had this problem before. The pharmacies are saying that it's on backorder from the manufacturer. Is anyone else having problems getting their scripts filled? ## I live in Southern NH. I can't find a pharmacy anywhere around here that can get Adderall in any dose from Teva and Barr Pharmaceuticals. My psychiatrist was apparently completely unaware of this situation when he wrote the prescription earlier today, 10/18/2011. I run out in 4 days but am on a very low dose (5mg twice a day) so I may be able to wean off of it safely by cutting back to 5mg once a day, then nothing. I wonder how many people taking higher doses are going to have major problems with withdrawal...

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need doctor to prescribe adderall in bucks county pa

My phyciatrist that was treating me for my ADD & Anxiety up and left all of his patients last year, never to be seen again. I found another Dr within a couple weeks who was willing to continue my treatment. Then in April/May 2017,I lost my insurance, and there was no way I could afford the visit PLUS the medications. I take 30mg of Adderall 2x's a day and 2mg Xanax 3 x's a day (have all medication history for the past 2 years to back this up). Now that i have insurance again i need a Dr b/c my previous Dr is booked for the next 6 months. At this point i don't care if i have to pay cash for the initial visit, my medications are covered so it's not as difficult. Every Dr I've called so far is either not accepting new patients, even when i said i'd pay cash, or ...

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AdderallXR and slowed growth

Has anyones child stopped growing on AdderallXR. My son was always tall for his age and because of the decrease in appetite he seems to be slowing in growth. Our md just checks his weight not his height ## Yes, my son has only grown 1/8 of an inch in the last six months on Adderall XR. We have been referred to a pediatric endocrinologist. He is almost 8 yrs. and has been on Adderall XR for 2 1/2yrs. ## My son stopped growing as well. He has been off for 3 months and grown and inch. Our pediatrician says it will take approx. 6 months to start growing again. We are now on intuniv. ## There are many other anecdotal reports that state this has occurred, and the child usually had to switch to a different medication. The FDA also warns that these medications carry the risk of being habit form...

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Adderall XR & Zegerid

Taking the two together has made a difference in the longevity of the Adderall. My Doctor informed me that Zegerid OTC would enhance the effects of the Adderall and also help in the medication lasting longer and I've tried it, it's true, it does help tremendously. Zegerid is an acid reducer that is available OTC. ## Any acid reducer should help. Amphetamine are basic and less acidic digestive system increases absorption. Although I think Adderall is something on the order of 75% bioavailable typically. If the acid reducer also increases urine ph, making it less acidic, more is reabsorbed and less is excreted. And anything that can increase urine or gastric ph will have the opposite effect. Which can come in handy for someone who is still a little stimulated and can't sleep. ...

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Sandoz XR adderall

Hello. I've been taking sandoz adderall ir for about 5 months now, so far so good. I am taking around 10mg x2 a day and it doesn't last long enough, and when the crash comes I become very confused and bored. 1. Does Sandoz make adderall xr? 2. If not, what is the best generic for adderall xr? ## Hello Tyler, Yes Sandoz has been making an XR version of their Adderall since mid 2017. Due to the ingredients being different in the XR, as well as other generics, I wouldn't be able to tell you which one would work best for you. It's also worth noting that since you would be switching to the XR the medication may not have as strong of an impact as it used to due to the lower dosages of active ingredients in your system at a time. Hope this helps. Good luck! ## In case someone e...

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Adderall 30mg Which Generic Brand Is Better

Is the round pink 30 mg Adderall generic name Sandoz/Eon with the markings of CDR 136 on one side more or less effective than the oval orange 30 mg Adderall generic name Barr/Teva with the markings of b974 on one side and 30 on the other side? What is the most effective/potent Adderall that is generic and 30 mg? ## Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each of these brands, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. So it's quite possible that you may respond favorably with one medication and not the other (even if they are the same drug & same dosage); mostly due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves. Have you taken either one of them yet? I'd probably suggest giving them e...

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sun pharma generic adderall

My usual generic Adderall 10mg pill is usually a round blue pill. It's manufactured usually by Aurobindo and sometimes the pharmacy will give me one manufactured by IMPA(I'm assuming it's an abbreviation). This time, I was given a round light green pill with the numbers 443 and what looks like a smushed letters MP on it. The manufacturer is Sunpharma. Is this safe? I had some unrelated stomach issues last year and I'm concerned about side effects of this pill since other dosages of this manufacturers generic Adderall has given people bad side effects. My pharmacy isn't really addressing my concerns. Any info would be great. ## Hi Maggie, I am interested myself. I know a guy who says they are good. But everyone is different. ## Sun Pharmaceuticals does list this as co...

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Adderall manufactured by Teva not working

I have had two refills of Adderall 20 mg that was manufactured by Teva/barr (Teva) and it seems to have much less medication in each pill. Refills by another manufacturer work. This is ridiculous, and where do we report Teva and who can check each pill for amount for medication? I would gladly donate some of my worthless ones to the FDA? ## You'd have to report any complaints to the FDA, at 888-INFO-FDA. However, there may not actually be anything to report. They do allow generic medications to differ from the name brands, in the amount of the active ingredient, by up to plus or minus 20%. This is considered an acceptable therapeutic window. For most people, these differences don't cause any problems, but if someone is sensitive to medications, it means that one with a slightly ...

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Aurolife Adderall

I got my prescription filled today for Adderall 15 mg and Aurolife was the generic they used because they were out of their normal one. I have taken Adderall for years & even gone down in dosage with no problems but today after of 2 hours of waiting for the pill to work I took another. I can't tell I've taken anything. I've called the pharmacy twice about this plus a separate matter(a mistake they made in submitting to insurance) and questioned the pharmacist about this drug. He gave me the excuse that if I was used to a different brand this may not work as well at first. I don't buy it. This is an amphetamine and it should work if it's a quality medication. I have asked them to put in my chart to NEVER despense this brand for me again. I will go elsewhere to get...

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Anyone try Rhodes generic Adderall?

I've tried and used Teva/Barr, Lannett, Core pharma, AURO (worst imo), and now just got Rhodes. Not sure if RHODES is making me spacey, sleepy, anxious and low energy, bloated, headache. All are often indications that the active ingredients are meh. There are so many manufacturers out nowadays, it's a revolving door and it's adding to the already difficult challenges many people have experienced since the pandemic. Lordy. Rhodes? Anyone? ## How are you doing taking the product from Rhodes, now? Has there been any change? The FDA considers all generic medications to be therapeutically equivalent. They warn that Adderall carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, anorexia, mood changes, and anxiety. Ref: Adderall Informmatio...

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mp 447 yellow round

Are these tablets adderall, and are they a good brand? ## Anyone tried the yellow MP 447 30 mg generic adderall? These were just dispensed for my usual prescription. NDC 57664-647. Inactive ingredients: - Crospovidone - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline - Povidones - Starch, Corn - D&C Yellow No. 10 ## Even if someone does report their experience with these as being good, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll end up having the same reaction. We all react/respond differently to the same meds, including the various binders and fillers in each tablet's composition. So my suggestion would be to try it for yourself if you want an authentic opinion. You can always ask your prescribing doctor to list this specific manufacturer's version of amphetamine/dextr...

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clear capsule filled with tan powder

clear capsule filled with tan powder ## There are quite a few possibilities, both among over the counter and prescription medications. So, I cannot possibly tell you what it is just from this description. I have personally bought several supplement, that contain different things, but all looked like this. Are there any markings on the capsule? ## clear capsule. bigger than adderall. smaller than a multivitamin. filled with tan powder with small orange specks. ## There was no marking

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Adderall and Grapefruit

I am currently on a generic version of Adderall to moderate my A.D.D. My doctor advised to avoid citrus fruits, like grapefruit, when taking my meds. She said that if i do eat citrus, make sure it is 2 hrs after i have taken the medicine. My question is, will my meds be affected if i've eaten grapefruit 4 hours after taking my morning dose and when i take my second dose in 2 hours? Also, is there an adverse reaction? ## Hi Rosie, There's a lot of mixed information online regarding whether or not grapefruit has a synergistic effect on Adderall's potency. Some users claim that they drop the pill in a glass of grapefruit juice for a more potent effect, however I do not encourage doing this, since I don't know how much more potent it can be. When I check various food interac...

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Adderall Generics Thread

Hey guys. Most of us are probably in the same boat--our Adderall doesn't work and it's horrible and we can't function well and it's bull**** and we all know that, but there are other threads/forums to vent frustration. We need a thread with the basics to help us all get going again or to know what to avoid (even though that seems like all of them these days, ha.) PLEASE POST THE FOLLOWING: 1. MANUFACTURER OF YOUR RECENT ADDERALL PRESCRIPTION 2. XR OR IR? HOW MANY MG? COLOR/SHAPE/IMPRINT? (if possible) 3. ***PHARMACY NAME*** AND MONTH/YEAR OF SCRIPT 4. YOUR LOCATION (if you are comfortable with that) 5. SIDE EFFECTS/SYMPTOMS. GOOD? BAD? Generally speaking, chain pharmacies use the same manufacturer at all of their locations throughout the country and that will make it eas...

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Doctor that prescribes Adderall, Suboxone and Clonazepam in Birmingham AL

I have been on adderall 30 mg 3x's day for years for SEVERE OVERACTIVE ADHD, klonopin 2mg 3x's day for impulse d/o, anxiety, nervous d/o, Suboxone 8mg 2x's day for 8 years for opiate addition at first but now for chronic pain I recently have to change doctors because my doctorretired I am looking for 1 in our am birmingham alabamao that since and I am looking for 1 in our am birmingham alabama ## Have you had any luck finding a Dr for all that or who prescribes that in bham, al? I'm in the same boat and trying to find one as well. If so plz email me at {edited for privacy}. Thanks so much!!!! ## My doctor recently passed away and I hv not bn able to find a Dr that will write my Adderall or Xanax and I hv bn on both these meds since I was 14 now 38 and I hv no idea what I...

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Adderall by Teva dp 20

I would like some input on Adderall 20 mg Instant Release. I have been through four manufacturers. I was on Activist and lots of people did not like it, however it worked for me. It had its fault but in the end it was recalled. Sometime during that period Teva bought out Activist. Since then I haven't been able to get an instant release to work without bad side effects. Then I was told there was a Name Brand being sold by Teva. I was able to get this with pill logo dp 20. I took only ten milligrams and my heart was racing out of control. I called the F D A and they advised me that the pill with imprint dp 20 was a generic. What I would like to know is how can it be Name Brand when through research shows after Shire discontinued AD 20 there was no other name brand. I have looked up N...

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AD 30 orange pill

I got prescribed Adderall 30 mg. The pills are light orange with AD one one side and 3|0 on the back. They are thick circle pills but there are two dark orange pills and they are thin. What is this? ## I question the legitimacy of these pills because this is an imprint belonging to a discontinued version of Adderall from Shire (NDC 54092-0377) [1]. ## Where did you get these? Texas? I had a similar experience recently and would like to compare notes. ## I recently traveled to Mexico and was prescribed and provided these same AD 30 pills. 60 tablet bottle with Shire label. ## I wonder if they're still being manufactured for other countries then.

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Help finding a pharmacy that has Adderall in stock

Walmart tells me every month they are out of stock on Adderall. ## Pharmacies are limited as to how much of each controlled substance they can order and have on hand each month. Once they run out, they cannot order more, until the next month. It's really just a matter of trying various pharmacies to see who may still have it in stock. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, nervousness and anorexia. What area do you live in? Perhaps someone that lives nearby can suggest a pharmacy. ## Does anyone know what pharmacy has 30 mg Adderall generic in Atlanta, GA (30016)? I cant find it. ## I can't find adderall in the Woburn, Ma area. I always went to CVS, but they keep saying...

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Adderall xr 30mg with only white beads

I have blue capsules that say adderall xr 30 mg on them but they have only white beads. Is this generic or brand? And how are these different from the orange 30 mg adderall xr with the white and orange beads? ## @Ricky, When you switch between different manufacturers, the only noticeable thing I'm aware of that actually changes are the inactive ingredients (binders/fillers), so that could be one reason why the beads are different colors - different dyes? As to whether or not it's a generic or brand that you have, my research shows that the orange 30mg pill marked with "Adderall XR" is indeed a brand name and not generic. The blue capsule on the other hand is also reported to be brand name Adderall XR... however, I'm seeing conflicting information from Shire Pharmaceu...

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