Doctor That Prescribes Pain Medication In Nebraska

James Says:

I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Does anyone know of a doctor locally here I can go to and easily get pain medications (hydrocodone and oxycodone)? I have lower back pain and knee pain from my profession.

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Messi Says:

Did anyone ever give you the name of. Good doc? Been looking for one for quite some time and I get turned down with legitimate records !

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Scott Says:

I have just moved to Tekamah, Nebraska from Indiana. I have chronic pain in my left knee and am in severe pain...have had 9 surgeries and they won't give me a new knee... currently on gabapentin 300mg but it's doing nothing... Indiana stopped giving me my pain meds... do any docs give pain meds here in Nebraska?

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n2braves Says:

I know it is more difficult nowdays to get pain meds scripted but honestly I have never had any trouble getting a fair amount of meds to deal with my pain. If you have chronic pain you are going to have to get into a Pain Management Doctor though. There are quite a few in Nebraska but expect to see more than one due to the fact that some only do procedures now but will not tell you that up front. I have been with my PM now for 7 years and have no complaints. Good Luck.

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