Doctors That Will Prescribe Pain Medication In Dayton, Ohio Area

Anonymous Says:

My family doctor is no longer able to prescribe my pain medication, and has referred me to a pain management doctor that refuses to give me my medication and wants me to do physical therapy and injections that don't work and are expensive. Does anyone know of a doctor near the Dayton, Ohio area that will prescribe Vicodin ES or Norco?

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bobbi Says:

PLEASE help me find a pain doctor who prescribes medications. I can not get IV's. I am self pay ive had 7 knee surgeries a pain syndrome. I live n pain 24/7. I have a lot of other things goin on

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becky Says:

Yea go to 1074 patterson rd in dayton ohio dr pricket and a few other doctors they are good there you will get your meds but they do drug panels every month so as long as you stay clean you get your meds.

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phil Says:

What meds do they usually prescribe do you know cause I have been on oxycodone 30?

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john Says:

I need a pain doc in Cincinatti, Oh right away. I'm currently taking 4 oxycodone ir 4 times a day. I have ddd in my upper and lower back as well
& need to get back to work.

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Meranda Says:

Does anyone know of any good pain docotrs in ohio? Cincinnati or even up by columbus. I have been to two pain doctors and they have retired now and i have to find a doctor. I want to find a dr that will write anything and who is laid back. I am on roxy 30's 5/day, for my back. I have herniated discs and nerve damage in both legs from car accidents. Does anyone know of any doctors out here in ohio? Any suggestions would be appreciated! thank you.

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Essence Says:

I can tell you that I have been on Norco and Vicodin for multiple pain problems (herniated disc, fractured hips, neuropathy, arthritis) I thought they were heaven sent until I started experiencing the complications. I went out on a limb and tried the steroid shot in the spine (epidural), I haven't had to take one pill since then. I actually had to go through rehab to get off the hydrocodone even though I was taking the prescribed amount, I have had no pain for the last year. You should give it a shot or at least do some research

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witchy1ru Says:

Did you ever find a Dr?

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JohnQPublic Says:

Nope still need to find a doc near Cincincy Oh.

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rsder Says:

Thats wonderful it works for you others have different problems and as the genome proved are different from you glad your epidurals work

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Bear Says:

Cindy, the center for pain relief office is on ham-mason rd right off of bypass 4.. Nilesh Jobalia is the pain Dr & he is wonderful. U will need a referral from family Dr. #513-454-2277.

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Jenn Says:

Even if you don't have insurance? I need meds also, pain 24/7.

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Sally Says:

You might try The Ohio Pain Clinic, in Centerville/ Beavercreek. I absolutely loved Dr. Amol Soin. I saw him for 5 years with a very positive relationship. My nerve damage from mid back down to left toe was treated professionally with Percocet & Dilaidid. Niavely, I tried some pot and got caught (UA) & dropped cold turkey.

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Byrd j Says:

Not sure what's wrong with this system. I had the same issue but I've been getting oxymorphone 30 mg er that takes care of any pain but the only downfall is there price 60-70 a piece. But after being in pain for so long I said it is worth it!!!

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Patty Says:

I really need a pain doctor. I've just moved to the area from Florida have been on oxcycondo. For chronic pain. I really need a doctor that will perscribe them to me dose any one no of one in the Dayton area?

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flea Says:

People please read the FDA warnings on epidural injections!

Because of those shots I am in pain management today. They gave me neuropathies and tinnitus. My life has been destroyed.

OP: Fantastic that it worked out for you!

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David Am Says:

I see a pain doctor but they don't prescribe any pain medication and just keep doing injections. This is my third time around for injections. They gave me Tramadol once but it didn't work and they said they would change it but never did. Now I'm going through injections all over again. Don't come to Toledo, Ohio if you need some pain medication cuz it ain't going to happen.

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VeteranInPain Says:

On docs advice, twice, I had shots done, the "dr" (student) who did em, perforated my nerve, by pushing the needle into the joint too far, now instead of being able to walk unaided, I must use a cane. Now instead of decreased pain, I have more. I will never go to a "pain clinic" again. any1 know of a good dr near N. Ky?

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Electric Says:

Re: Byrd j (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Who do you see? I’m on that same medication but my pain doc is retiring so I need to find a new one ASAP

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GimpyD Says:

I thought Norco was order of DEA or something. AR law says no more than 100mg morphine equivalent. Sucks rocks.

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John daly Says:

Re: becky (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

You still think there cool now? Been a few years??

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Red Says:

Please help. My pain management Dr doesn't want to Rx me oxycontin anymore. I had a failed pain pump. Please help if you know of any Drs between Columbus Ohio and Cincinnati Ohio that Rx oxycontin. I have severe pain and have tried everything else. Thanks.

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