I Just Need Someone To Help Me Find A Doctor In Ky That Will Write The Oxy 30s And Xanax Something For Breakthrough Pain Whatever Else Do

Micheal Says:

Just want to find a doctor in KY that will write something preferably the oxycodone 30 for pain and 15's for breakthru, plus I've been taking xanax for around 5 years to try and help with the pain and anxiety which they do to a certain point. But I say the oxycodone because I went to a pain clinic in GA 3 months ago and they wrote them for me and I thought I was in heaven as far as the pain was concerned but due to the pain I can't make those trips.!!! Someone PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Brian Says:

I have been having anxiety attacks and the thing that helped was xanax

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David Says:


I may not have a doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as locating pain management doctors within your general area.

All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

You can give this other page a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another:

Many of the results you find (in one or both of the links above) also list a phone number for that specific doctor; I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if they are accepting new patients; some aren't, but most usually are.

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right doctor!

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lindia davis Says:

can someone please helpm find a pm doctor please i stay pain all time i live in ashland ky if any one know one please let me know {edited for privacy}

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RxIfAppropriate Says:

Michael and Others -

Most of you who took the time to post in this particular discussion would probably benefit more from treatment of drug addiction than any pain management docs.

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Lou Says:

To Rxlf Appropriate: Given that you probably don't know any of the people who have posted to this thread and have no idea whether or not they are actually in pain, you would do well to keep your sarcastic judgments to yourself. While it is true that there many drug seekers looking for a doctor who will prescribe for them the medication to which they are addicted, there are also many people who live in daily agony and struggle to obtain relief because of people (including doctors) like you who simply dismiss them as addicts without knowing anything about their situation or suffering.

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Spyz Says:

You can't say that without seeing the patient first! How arrogant! If I've had one specific med for a few years that worked, then duh! That's what I'd ask for! Why are pain patients expected to be naive and ignorant of the various meds available and what the possible benefits vs adverse reactions could be. I am more suited than ANY doctor to decide what is the best course of action especially since most pain docs HAVENT taken pain meds.. Like Robin Williams told Matt Damon in movie GoodWillHunting "don't suppose that you know anything about love just because you've read Shakespeare" to the pain docs I say, " don't suppose you know anything about how narcotics will affect me because you read about them in a book!" I've been taking and studying them for over 40 years-how long have you?

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Rhonda Says:

Well said I'm glad someone had the good judgement to say what I've been the ng to say but I get so angry I can't do it not everyone is just a drug addict some of us. REALLY have intense pain.

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Spyz Says:

Try reposting using spell check or slow down and use correct English so we know what you are saying

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Adele Says:

To Lou (and Spyz and Rhonda): Many thanks to all of you for your coherent, appropriate and insightful responses to Rxlf Appropriate. After suffering with a severe chronic pain condition for 7 years, a courageous and compassionate doctor gave me a prescription for a pain pill. I had never heard of this medication and didn't have much faith that it would work (since others hadn't.) To my amazement, an hour later I was thrilled to find that I was pain free for the first time in years. Then I was furious to realize that this relief had been available for all those years of ever increasing pain and gradual loss of my ability to do many things because of the overwhelming nature of the pain. Yet no doctor had ever even suggested that I try this medication Instead, they'd repeatedly given me the same weak pain relievers, even though I made it clear that these meds didn't help in the least. It was my first realization that doctors and society attached all kinds of unwarranted stigma to the name "Oxycontin," It was that stigma plus ignorance and false assumptions that would make getting pain relief an ongoing struggle--struggling not just to get the medication but also struggling to be given a dose that was actually therapeutic. Finally, seven years ago, I moved to a different state and became the patient of a PCP (with whom I've developed an honest, open and trusting relationship) who was actually concerned that what I was taking was actually sufficient to provide me with adequate pain relief plus a quality of life that was as close to normal as I'll ever get. I have now been on the same dose for these last seven years; I don't need more and I don't ask for more but my doctor sees me every three months to see how I'm doing and to make sure the Oxycontin is still doing it's job. Just FYI - I have never (even the first time I took it) experienced ANY kind of "buzz" from the Oxycontin. I've actually heard so-called "pain specialists" say things like, "And we all know how all these pain patients love their high!" Not true for me at all, EVER. It is the ignorant assumptions of both professionals and lay people like RxlfAppropriate that make the lives of suffering people, people who live with daily agony, even more difficult. So, again, a BIG THANK YOU to those I mentioned previously who took the time to speak so intelligently, with knowledge and compassion, about this issue!

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dc Says:

I agree that we the suffering know more about pain and pain meds than any (with all due respect) dr's..........Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my life would one day need pain meds to relieve pain in orderivative to live close to a functional life .I was taught to be independent and to never need anything or anyone to survive. ....
..... ........who knew that accidents and poor health would one day be something to cope with. .......NNo one should be making any accusations at any body. .....walk a mile in my shoes and then maybe make a judgment! !!!!!!!

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Tree Says:

You are wrong for this statement ..its no life living in pain daily ..

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swj Says:

What Dr.and clinic in GA.wrote that.I live in KY u help me I help u.

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Spyz Says:

To the dude in KY LOOKING FOR A DOCTOR - I have a monstrous tolerance and have safely in the past taken 450- 600mg of oxycodone a day but even I think you are requested too many meds for your pain. My problem was a hyper metabolism due to Phenytoin taken with the oxy. You DONT NEED OXY 30's plus oxy 15's plus xanax. Yes there is anxiety once you become a pain patient, mainly due to the stress caused by pill counts, surprise UA's and being treated poorly by doctors. But once you get an almost adequate (because they never truly are) dose, you should not take a benzodiazepine, THATS how folks od, not just from opiates. I also happen to think most of the overdoses are due to suicide from not receiving adequate pain relief. You need an extended relief and a breakthrough, not two breakthroughs, and anxiety pills.

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Susiee Says:

My pain doctor is rude and mean to his patients and his staff. It's awful, I have to Ty's Xanax prior to each appointment he make me so nervous. He has a great reputation for helping those in need but he also is all over the web regarding his nasty demeanor. My husband was referred to him and he started screaming at him because our PCP had my husband on a high level of Oxycodone. He told my husband if he didn't agree to have extremely costly injections then he needed to not waste his "The doctor's" time and to get the F out of his office. In the meantime he was screaming at his staff members saying that they were all incompetent and he has to do everything for himself. Geez it's no wonder he is on % 4 wife. Good luck to her. As for myself and many other people who are patients there truly have no other choice but to be seen by him as the pain doctors have become so scarce thanks to those abusers.

I'm quite sure this doctor knows he has the upper hand as he is the one who holds the scripts and the magic pen per say. He walks / struts around with a grandeous cocky attitude and berates his patients who are his bread & butter. I've overheard him kicking people out leaving them in a real predicament with saying as they are leaving "I don't need your money there's plenty of others on a waiting list to see me". I have an appointment this week and I am a wreck every month thinking am I on the chopping block this month? He as well sees many of us Bi-Monthly and on our off month we have to pick up our Rx for the month at his office. Before it is handed over an office visit fee must be paid in lew of receiving your monthly Rx. My pharmacist said that is totally illegal but I know speaking for myself I would rather pay than risk being berated or have no place to go. That happened one time with a doctor who swiftly retired and I will never forget the detox pain I endured. I strongly believe no one will turn him in for fear of being kicked out and going on a waiting list for another doctor. This man is not stupid he sure knows he's got us pain ridden people right where he wants us. It's all about the $$. I've waited up to 4 hours to be seen on a few occasions now. Always expect to sit in the waiting room no less the 1-2 hours. With my back issues its horrible to have to sit / stand for so long not to mention how rude that he quadruple books.

I do have a real problem with the u/a he gives and the default rate or possibly human error? I don't know. Regardless I and a close friend who has a pain pump implanted were both wrongly accused about a year ago and I still reside on a watch list at his office. As for my girlfriend with the pain pump she was sent away as he calls it ( he fires a patient like a boss would do to an incompetent worker) It's quite humiliating for me as my name remains on his list. It's so unfortunate that the government had to step in due to this "Drug War". It is no doubt hurting those of us that truly need the help. My PCP told me that many of today's doctors feel helpless to their patients needs due to new laws that are dictating how they can or cannot treat. There needs be be a happy medium somewhere before we start seeing a decrease in our medical caregivers.

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Spyz Says:

Its horrible how we are treated by those who made a oath "to do no harm" to patients and so harm! I thank God I have a wonderful team now and are even willing to test me for the cyp450 enzyme which causes fats metabolism. If I do have it, they will increase my dose. I think the worse part is when a nurse practitioner treats you like crap and cause you to cry every day due to stress AND contemplate suicide to not have to deal with any of it and then when ur one pill short she fires you. You cant even explain things to the doctor, they are guarded like fort knox. Funny how in 2012 when dea really started interfering with doctors, od's increased, then prescription od's increased, then opiates increased, then suicides increased and now opiates have increased again. All could have been avoided by allowing doctors to treat patients without govt interference. THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSES! They are suicides from being sick of being treated like crap and not getting the relief they deserve. Why does govt think states are trying to get the compassionate death act allowed? Take away my meds, ill go in the streets, arrest pill sellers, there's always opiates, take that away we can all just die...jeepers give us something for pain? If our doctors don't, we will find it!

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Bettyboob Says:

As far as you saying that this person doesn't need Xanax, you are not a doctor. Xanax is the only medication that helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I have been on it 16 years along with a time release medication for my many pain issues. My doctor does regular drug panels on all of his patients because of all the new laws that have been put into place. Every one's situation is different.

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

I'm inclined to agree. Such strange and different requirements "needed or I will die"-type logic never fails to bring out the skeptic in me. I've been in chronic pain several times and I never felt the need to advertise for a doc who would wrote Schedule II scripts as if this were eBay. Trust a good, experienced doctor's clinical experience and years of training. I once had a bottle of Ambien 10mg (#90) swiped by my cleaning lady's son's pregnant girlfriend and my own doc, said, "You're hemming and hawing so much that if I didn't know you well, I might assume you were trying to scam me for another script! You need another script for Ambien 10mg #90? Three qHS? 5 refills? Fine. I'll call it in it." Hearing me expel my breath, Doc said, "Joey, if you were going to scam me for a script it would be for Dilaudid, or Methedrine!"

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

You're absolutely right! I'm a psychiatrist with a PhD in Pharmacology and I HAVE taken pain meds (Percocet 1-/325 - 4-8/day x five years) for an almost impossible to pin down chronic headache syndrome. Power Ball, and the headache syndrome disappeared never again to be seen. I had plenty of oxycodone to treat withdrawal symptoms, but didn't need any at all. I keep anon minds about patients in chronic pain and so should other MDs/DOs.

Editor's note: We do not verify the credentials of our users and nothing stated in our forums is intended to be taken as medical advice.

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

Well said from one who has been there!

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

Klonopin (clonazeoam) is a better anxiolytic and can be take BID/ TID. Xanax is the shortest acting other than traizolam (Halcyon) and real Midazolam (Versed) syrup. Generally, the horror acting an effective sedative is the greater the chance for abuse and addiction, (Seconal was #1 in that category audit left a bloody swath throughout thev50s, 60s, and 70s.) Now, I'm not perching. I occasionally prescribed one of then-unavailable non-barbiturate hypnotics. Nodular-300 was a fair choice because no one hd heard of it as a possible drug of abuse. Doride (glutethimide) worked very well, but any doc who ever worked on a Doriden OD where the pt. survived, wished thug would disappear. It's still listed in Schedule II but it not to be found manufactured by any major drug company.

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