I Am Additiced To Oxycotins And Roxicodone And Just Found Out That I Am Pregnant What Do I Do

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Please help me, i do not want to hurt my unborn child and have no clue on what to do to stop taking these pills without getting horribly sick like i do. the withdrawl is soo bad, i get every single effect, its so horrible. I have been on oxycontin 40mg and roxicodone 30mg for almost 3yrs and just found out that I am pregnant not even a week ago~

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Patricia Kienholz Says:

You indicated an addiction to pain meds and now are pregnant. Might I suggest you either lower the dosage, little by little, or have longer periods between taking them? You might consider cutting the pills in half, also.

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expected mother Says:

yes thank you, I have been doing that, Im still worried about when I get to the end of tapering down that I still am going to be getting really sick or hurt the fetus/baby....b4 i even found out i was pregnant i knew i was addicted bc even though i need to take them for pain since i almost died in a bad car accident, flipped my truck 10 times, lucky to be alive, have all kinds of things wrong w me, back , neck, shoulder, and still have glass stuck in me from windshield which i was supposed to have surgery this month but now it has to be put off till the baby is here as well as another MRI, any other suggestions please, thank you, i really appreciate it

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Patricia Kienholz Says:

Might I suggest a very serious conversation with your doctor about this? You surely do not want to have a drug addicted baby...that would be really bad. Get all the help you can right now and do whatever you have to do. May God be With You.

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Verwon Says:

I have to agree, medical assistance with this is going to be VERY important, both the drugs and the possible withdrawals could endanger both you and the baby.

You really need to speak with your doctor and let them know about this issue.

I am not sure what medications are safe to use for addiction while you are pregnant, since I am not a medical professional, but your doctor will have more information on this.

Have you talked to them yet?

Don't be afraid to, you will not be the first, nor the last that they will see in this type of situation and they are trained to deal with it properly.

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Patricia Kienholz Says:

Have you thought of trying Tylenol instead of the drugs? Or cutting the drug dose in half and supplementing it with Tylenol? This might help. Don't give up.

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expected mother Says:

ya i tried Tylenol, no good on how compared and how strong this stuff is, and how horribly sick i get which is more scarey i heard by being that sick is very harmful so i cant wait to ask my doc, my 1st appoint is coming up this week!! Im def telling them everything bc i do want to get the right help and do the right thing~

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Leigh.Wondering How You Are Says:

I reelize your post is last year however, becoming a new mother is hard enough and you had quite a fight ahead of you it seems so I was curious how you're doing....
I have chronic pain from degenerative disc but I'm young and mine is nothing compared to most but I take 4 perkiset a day --- when I found out I was pregnant 2 years ago Iwas prescribed 2 lortabs a day and the doctor I had took me off of them b/c she didn't believe in narcotics in pregnant women - although many doctors say otherwise.
Anyway,,,,, when my son was aroun 5/6 mths old, after so many sleepless nights and carrying a baby, and up and down diapering etc it was hard not to start seeking pain medication off the street b/c my 2 lortabs weren't touching my pain for the most part and I quickly became addicated to roxi's....
So I'm guessing even if you were able to do well during your pregnancy it's a continued fight and I hope you've not taken it all on yourself and you've found a good addiction therapist and some support...
Only mothers know how hard being a new mom really is --- so I have no judgment only hope that you're doing well and can only offer some support from a stranger if you ever need it.

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rman Says:

I work in a drug treatment clinic and your best option is to tell your physician and transfer to methadone. Despite the huge stigma in this country, methadone is a longer acting replacement therapy for opioid use. Huge amounts of research has been done with pregnant mothers who are on methadone and it is one of the safest alternatives.

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Expected Mother Says:

Well,, my daughter is now 3mons old and doing great. Although, I'm not happy she had to stay in the hospital for a little over 2mons to be weaned off the meds that all my doctors,including the Ob/Gyn told me I am NOT to stop taking the pills,they referred me to another place i was going to,called The Fetal Medicine Center, where there i was being monitered the whole pregnancy. Now, I was stressing the entire time, and they were very nice and explained everything to me every time I had a visit,I never missed a visit either. They also told me,to Stay on the Same exact MG i was on,and do Not upgrade OR downgrade, so I followed Every step and everything my doctors told me to do, they even set me up w a consultation w the Neonatologist in the NICU at the hospital when i was around 8mons preg, and they gave me a tour and said this is where your baby will be staying,and this is what we will be doing to wean her off,and what they were going to give her. They even said she would be there for 2-3mons,since I have been on the meds for a few yrs,and The doctors DID NOT want me to stop taking them the entire time i was preg. So, I am very happy that my daughter is very healthy, and she was full term at 37 weeks, I had her at 40 weeks and five days,so she was actually late by 5 days! She weighed a good 8lbs 8.88 oc Wow! She was big for me. I am not happy she had to go through all that in the hospital, having to be weaned off the medicine I was told not to stop taking, b/c i was very honest w my doctors and told them what i was taking and how often, and how much,etc..Everything was going fine, until her DEAD BEAT FATHER stepped in, who was not involved during my entire pregnancy,who only harassed me and stressed me out to the point of no return, even my doctors told me to get a restraining order on him,which i did, and I'm mad it did not stick. He also was slaundering me on the computer, and the ONLY reason he stepped in AFTER SHE WAS BORN was b/c HIS MOTHER FORCED HIM b/c she is trying to take my child, it is her 1st grandchild, this is my family's 7th, My family loves her just as much as me,I'm her mother so i just think I love her the most. So when his mother forced him,and she got involved, him and her decided to call DYFS, which all together they were called on me 3 times, the 1st 2 times, they closed the case, now the third time was called when my daughter was exactly 2mons old, and this time they decided to keep the case open, and it is NOT FAIR to me, b/c the 1st TWO times, they verified everything with all my doctors, and it all checked out, that is why the 1st two cases were closed, now the 3rd time, I think the doctors were just starting to get anointed and that is totally not fair to me b/c they (dyfs) took me to court and neither me or the father got the baby. we both have to go through these programs, in the mean time, she was placed with his family and not mine!! That was set up and not fair, b/c my family NEVER got the chance to be interviewed and his family did b/c they are the ones that called them all three times, so we go back to court at the end of the month for updates, and I really hope they place my daughter w my family instead, b/c his family already broke court orders by doing several things, like example, he is a 30 yr old male, and still lives at home w his parents,has a bad drinking problem, I have been on my own and very independent since i was 18yrs old., and he was ordered to move out of the house right away, and he still resides there and I told this to my case worker at dyfs, and you will never guess what they said! They said, that it can not be proved! I never been so depressed in my ENTIRE life time and i feel like i should have never listened to my doctors, but who wouldn't?? I still have the glass lodged in my body from the windshield of the auto accident i got into 2mons before i got preg. I am in so much pain, psychical,and now emotional and like i said so mentally depressed! Mentally messed up! Hurt! Confused! I mean, I even have an attorney that i cant even afford, I just don't know what to do, I start the program tomorrow, which is so horrible, that they are treating me like a drug addict when i was told and ordered by my doctors to stay on the medicine, and i have proof, and showed it,and still have to go through this 90day program, I will and I am def going, I will do anything for my daughter, but it is not fair that I don't get her and neither does my family, his family has done nothing either my entire preg, just like him, NOTHING!! And the mother just said the other day,that she does not want me over and i am not allowed to go over their home to visit my own daughter. Where is JUSTICE???? What happened to the LAW?????? Please, someone tell me! Should I sue my doctors? I am so clueless. I love and miss my baby girl and she is all that i want. They should pay for what they did.

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Dru Says:

Tell your doctor and he will prescribe to you subutex...the generic form of suboxone. This does not have the kick back aka. naloxone in it so it is safe for the baby. I am a male and prescribed Subutex simply because the taste of Suboxone is so gross. Sounds stupid but now that I take the Subutex all is well. Seriously, talk to the doc...don't be embarrassed it is a huge problem all over the world. .

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Deb Says:

Go to suboxone clinic and get subtext

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Maggie Says:

Re: Expected Mother (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I feel sorry for your baby. I had a friend who took opiates through her pregnancy and her daughter had these odd rage screaming fits that were due to the withdrawals. The didn’t go away even a year later. I hope she isn’t messed up for life.

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