Looking For Pain Management Doctor In Nj Or Ny Willing To Prescribe What Is Needed

Mary Says:

Looking for a pain management doctor who will prescribe 30mg roxicodone 4 times a day or 30 mg OxyContin 3 times a day. Either in NJ or NY. I suffer from suffer chronic muscle and joint pain and I am desperate to find a doctor willing to help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Lee C Says:

I am not sure how far your willing to travel but I know one in Pa near Philadelphia that can help you. Just let me know if you would like the details, is there a way you can pm your email or number?

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jaycee Says:

I need am looking for a doctor that prescribes pain meds for 30mg oxy 4 times a day in philly...can you help me? send email to {edited for privacy} and I will like to go to him.

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lisa Says:

Hi lee. I would love that number. I tried treating my bulging neck pain with suboxone, it just didn't work.

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SportsGrl420 Says:

Can you help me out with that drs name and number too? i was in a bad car accident in 2010 rolled my suv 4x down a drainage ditch in the sleet and rain and had to swim out the passenger window. My PM doctor is just to rude and arrogant i cannot take it anymore and he has cut my meds in half both times in the past 2 months going from 120 roxicet 30s to 60 then to 30... and going from 120 opanas to 60 and now to 30. He told me if i dont like it then go somewhere else and go get treatment for addiction when i have NEVER abused, sold, or misused my meds that HE got me addicted to! I am a very active 29 yr old with sports and things like that and just want to get awayy from and find another Dr that will still prescribe me the meds i need to feel comfortable everyday. Id soo very much appreciate it!

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zee Says:

hey i am interested in doctor in philly cannot find one in jersey and need desperate help.if you could provide me with his info to my hidden email below that would be awesome.

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jackgg Says:

Hello z this is L have chronic pain in neck and back may I please get that doctor name so I can call him

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James Says:

Thank you soo much for your help. I am in a situation of soooo much pain it would be greatly appreciated if you would send me the doctors info. Thanks. {edited for privacy}

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mz Says:

could i get the details on that doc. i would greatly appreciate it. i wrote the original posting.

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xxx Says:

could i get the name of that doctor? i am in desperate need of pain relief due to chronic illness and pain that currently has me bedridden. would appreciate it. thanks

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Lisa Says:

Hi lee. Can you please send me the drs name? I came off of roxicodone after several years of treating disc protrusions with it. I went on suboxone thinking it was also a pain killer but it doesn't help with the pain once the neck area becomes inflamed. I don't know if any dr will write narcotics again for me due to my brave warrior approach to coming off the pills. I really don't know what to do at this point. It's Been a full year now on suboxone. The doctors around here are too scared. If you could help me, I would be so appreciative. Thanks, Lisa
{edited for privacy}

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angela Says:

I am 32 years old, I have suffered severe lower back pain since 2005 when I got diagnosed with RA, CURVE SPINE, DDD, Hyperthyroidism, Grave's Disease... On a daily bases im prescribed norco 10/325 four times a day, in the morning if I do not take 1 1/2 I can not get up out of bed, I have 3 children and I was playing sports, I was playing softball and it was helping but my lower back has gotten worse within in the 3 months, I cant sit for a long period of time, I cant walk around for a long period of time, I cant even play with my kids and thats what hurts the most.I dont know what I can have done, please any advice would be helpful, there are also 3 bulging disks pushing on my spine in my lower back

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mz Says:

Hey im sorry to hear youre in so much pain. Im in a similar situation but due to my age have always had trouble finding a pm dr
I posted the original post, do u think u could send me the docs name so I can at least try to get norco. I wouldnt mention anything and it would be sooo helpful and going thru the same thing im sure helps u understand my pain. Thank u

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mz Says:

Hey I would love that doctors name. My email is {edited for privacy}. I suffer from chronic pain that ruins my daily life

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Evilchop Says:

I know of a good one. Dr Jose Isidrio Ramapo Joint and Spine in Airmont NY. He is excellent and fully understands your situation. I went in with absolutely no paper work ( after the first visit I did )and he started me in 10mg percs. As a new patient you have to start low. He soon moved me to 15mg roxicet 4x a day. I'm sure if I asked he would give me 30s. Anyway I hope this helps and please give him a call ...HE WILL HELP YOU

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Mst Says:

Moved to NJ from Ohio. I've been on the same medication for 4 years following spinal surgery. I'm in central jersey so I can travel in any direction including over the bridge into PA. Any good docs out here?

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Matt Says:

hey man, he's got a full patient load up in Ny, you think, he's do the same in his jersey offices? like i said im no addict whatsoever i just have very severe pain issues, auto immune deficiencies, severe chronic prostatitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain sndrome, and the list goes on and on, i desperatly need help. and how much is each visit, cause i called awhile ago and they said cash only, which was a problem but no longer is. i just need me life back and to be able to work, socialize and live normally again!! this is torture.

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Ali81 Says:

Hi. Did you find a new dr in jersey? I'm in northern nj and need a new PM dr ASAP. Either self pay or united healthcare

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OGoriginalNJ Says:

why don't you start your own thread? do you see any answers on here that would make you think it was a good idea to ask again on the same thread? sorry but that makes 0 sense to me

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Matthew Z Says:

Hey man I have been suffering from unbearable 9-10/10 pain 24/7 for 4 years now. my one doctor was a pcp and could not continue the treatment but I am desperately seeking someone who will write a script and give me my life back! that's all I want. Im only 21, I want to go to school, work and live a normal life! Please help. If you know a doc in philly who takes ins or who is self pay PLEASE give me the info so I can have my life back. Thanks for your help. I hope to hear from ya soon.

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ali81 Says:

Were u talking to me? I'm sorry but it's my first time and I'm not rly familiar w the way this sight works.

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