Oxycodone And Dilaudid

CJ Says:

What do you do when neither Oxycodone or Dilaudid work for severe lower back pain, due to disc & nerve damage from a fall. I was on Oxycodone for quite some time but apparently built up a tolerence for it, so my doctor switched me to Dilaudid...I have felt like crap all month because I am still in excruciating pain...is there anything left to try that is better than these wo?

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Verwon Says:

You might want to ask about trying the Fentanyl patch (Duragesic) or lollipop (Actiq). It is pretty much the most potent narcotic available, since it is over 80 times stronger than Morphine.

Learn more Fentanyl details here.

What was your dosage of Oxycodone and what is the dosage you were given of the Dilaudid?

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CJ Says:

my oxycodone dose was 30mg 4 x a day for breakthrough pain. When that did not work anymore they switched me to Dilaudid 4 mg 4 x a day.

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Spyz Says:

I was on morphine er 30mg 2/day with oxycodone 30 mg 4x/day and switched to morphine er same dosage and dilaudid 8mg 3x day, pain relief dropped somewhat but i became so lethargic (which i conplained to them about) that i developed deep vein thrombosis in leg and pain management kicked me out for having to go to ER to find that out

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Awit Says:

Dont know if someone has suggested oxymorphone already. Better known as Opana, this s*** is more potent than oxycontin and dilaudid imo

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Grumpy Pancreas in PDX Says:

There are other opiate pain, but you always have to judge the side effects. Morphine made me itch & scratch till I blead. (Taking Benedryl with it does help! )
Methadone is also a heavy-hitter, but can make you very drugged-down ..., until you get used to it.
Talk to your doctor, and be willing to experiment until you find what works best for you.
My best to you!

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James Says:

I am willing to. Travel TO

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nicole Says:

Opana a is oxytocin !! Just sayin

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Bax007 Says:

Try anything but Dilaudid. I was on it for hip replacement. Trying to get off this stuff. Highly addictive. I'm sure there are better meds out there.

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JV Says:

I have 23 sergeries in my hand, Im always on pain but I have something call SUBSYS 800 MG But is a spray that goes under you tongue. But is really spensive the 200mg goes fot more than 15,000 for 30 but know they have some discount but really hard to use. I have the 800 mg and they go for more that $30,000 + for 1 month suply but this is with discounts. If you have an insurance that will pay for it try it.

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RdKinger Says:

Opana is oxymorphone not oxycodone which is the active ingredient in percocet and oxycontin. Opanas are much more potent than both dilaudid (hydromophone) and perc/oxycontin (oxycodone) and opana metabolizes into oxycodone, which plays a role in its long duration of effects. Opana's bioavailability (how much of the drug is absorbed and used) varies greatly based on the route of its administration. Orally, while it is stronger than almost every other commercially available opiate, it still has a very low bioavailability. Through IV administration (only done in hospice care and in severe injury in a hospital setting due to risk of easy fatal overdose) its bioavailability is 100 percent, though duration of effect is shortened by an hour or two. Rectal, buccal and nasal routes are near 80 percent, though I do not think there are any nasal spray formulations available in the US and the rectal route is usually done through a discreet cath inserted in the onus. Because oxymorphone dissolves completely in water and avoids first pass metabolization through these routes it gets to the CNS more quickly and efficiently. Buccal route is the same, where you dissolve a strip or tablet under your tongue or is a spray on the back of your throat. All of these areas are full of mucus membranes where both capillaries and artists run, allowing for quick and near full absorption if the drug. If anyone ever decides to use this medicine, never abuse it, it is more potent than other opiates and you will suffer huge withdrawals (WD) without medical assistance from chronic prescribed use. So if abused you will not only have WD that make other opiates look like a walk on a beautiful beach, you will also run out before your script is up and suffer WD every month between and will have to constantly up your dose. This drug is a miracle for those with pain that nothing else touches but beyond that, it is just too powerful.

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leadfoot Says:

Isn't oxytocin a hormone and not an opiod? I have a lower back that is disenagrating plus I have PMR. I was taking 8 oxycodone 15 mg and that quit working so they changed to 6 dilaudid 8 mg and that has worked for 2 years but now 1 pill will only last about 1 1/5 to 2 hours. I am going to talk to my pain Dr but he is not very understanding. Im curious as to what dose or drug he will switch me to.

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Limp Arm Says:

Opana 30mg Er also known as Oxymorophone. Neither if those worked for me but these do the job and work around the clock..

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44 Dan Says:

Last month I was prescribed Opana 30mg ER x 3 daily.. I got very little relief... I ended up splitting one in half for a daily dose twice a day... Anything more than that it was making me dose off constantly all day... I couldn't/wouldn't drive...

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44 Dan Says:

When I was having full blown flare ups (CRPS) my 6x 30mg daily Oxycodone wouldn't touch the incredible pain. I was given Toradol for the Bad Pain days... It's an intramuscular inj. script - Dose 1cc to 2cc per day...... If I required more than 8 pills anything more was a waste - meaning if 8 didn't work 9, 10, etc wouldn't touch the pain.... "Sounds like your situation"... It's what the ER gave me way back in the early days... Talked with my Doc and he set me up with several doses so I didn't have to go to ER - Back before the DEA's propaganda machine created the image of All Users = Street Addicts and stole our only source of daily pain relief.... It was back in the mid 90's when my Pain Doctor trusted me and I trusted him - He retired (quit) when the anti-oxy war began.... I'm still looking for an ethical Pain MD somewhere in central Az...... Every Pain Doc I have visited is under threat of the DEA to eliminate Oxycodone scripts.... Now only the damn drug dealers have them...... Apologize for the vent... Try the Toradol (Ketorolac). The Only side effect was constipation.... One shot would stop the pain 90% of the time... It's an NSAID... I usually could tell if I needed 2cc instead of 1cc.... Good Luck and Keep Us Updated.

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