Picture Of Percocet And Generic Pills

sue Says:

a round white pill with 110 and below that is the the Z and beside that looks like a V or a triangle

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Verwon Says:

I can't find a listing for this anywhere and I checked via a general search and specific medications, so it's not a narcotic that I can find listed in any of the databases.

Where did you find/obtain it?

Any additional information you can provide may help to narrow it down.

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goshenhottie Says:

I found a white triangle pill with a split with a 9 and a 3 on one side and with 39 on the other side don't know what it is????

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brenda Says:

Have a small pink round pill with a 12 on one side and NP on the other. What is it?

Can u text me {edited for privacy}.

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