Price Of Suboxone With No Insurance

cdb Says:

Hi, I been on suboxone for 3 years and I'm on 3 strips a day, my insurance Aetna better health the worst company out there would pay 6 months at a time then my Dr would have to send them papers and this time they don't want to cover it, all they tell me on the phone is Aetnas pharmacy said it's not needed, and the Dr might not be sending the paper work they need, my appointment is Monday and I have not been able to get a hold of my Dr. My appointment cost 110 and I was just seeing does anyone know how much the generic brand is, even if I have to try to go down to 2 a day, or is there another option. I'm out of work due to illness and I don't know how I'm going to be able to get it but any information would be so helpful even if I have to buy a little at a time, thank you so much and God bless

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Cats68 Says:

Hi Cdb, is there any way u can get state coverage? Or, have the Dr fill out the proper paper work when need b. I know they have generic pill form now, but , not generic films, yet. Some states, like RI, doctors can give u discount coupons 2 help with the cost. I would definitely talk 2 your Dr about options. They can't just leave u out in the cold and stuck.

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jolter Says:

Hey cdb, It sounds like your dr. may have dropped the ball on the paperwork. Humana insurance is same way. Every 6 month s the dr. has to fax in new info even if it,s for the same amount. The insurance lady told me that it,s important the dr. faxes in ALL info. She said this is why a lot of people get denied meds that need to be preapproved. It needs to include your D.O.B. why you need meds and how much your gonna be using. Also your insurance # and any other numbers that may be relavent. Also this info needs to be faxed in if your dr. changes dose level. At least thats the way with Humana. If you get a script and can,t afford the whole thing I,ve read on here that CVS pharmacy will sell single strips. Good Luck.

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bss217 Says:

How does a person afford Suboxone when it costs $300 plus a month. I have ins and it's about $200 a month. Every online news cast are always saying this is an epidemic. If this is so and they want to get ppl to stop using opioids then Suboxone should be free and paid for by the government to curb opioid addiction. The "War On Drugs" what a joke. If they really wanted to help then supply Suboxone or Subutext, etc and it will end a big part. But $ talks and addicts walk. Make America great again and curb stomp Suboxone makers and sellers. Thanks.

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Rocknroll Says:

What are the usual prices for Suboxone 8 mg strips without insurance?

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Optimistic Says:

Re: bss217 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Suboxone IS AN OPIOID.

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