Private Methadone Doctors In Florida

kush Says:

looking for a dr for methadone near deltona fl

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David Says:


I was actually able to locate two doctors who are based in Orange City, FL (just outside of Deltona), who are known for prescribing Methadone and other related medications:

Bryant Draper
Webster Medical Clinic
211 South Volusia Avenue
Orange City, FL 32763

Edmundo I. Rivera, M.D.
296 Treemonte Drive
Orange City, FL 32763

Maybe you can give either one of them a try to see if they are accepting any new patients.

I hope this helps!

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Rich Says:

David, how did you learn about these two doctors? I am looking for the same thing, (a dr to prescribe methadone) in the same area of fl. (Deltona)

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cara Says:

My son is in the methadone clinic in marion county, and we are now looking for a Dr who prescribes in palm coast or marion county. Could anyone help me out?

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Need help Says:

I am looking for a private dr that prescribes methadone in the ft Walton beach, crestview, Destin, Navarre area.

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Allan C Says:

Dr bahalani is a pain management doctor at Advance Pain he doesn't do methadone but it does do Morphine he's in Palm Coast

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Splifchic Says:

Looking for pain management who prescribes Methadone 60mg a day near central Florida.

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