Which Is Stronger Hydrocodone 10 325 Or Oxycodone 5 325

Bill Says:

I have been taking Hydrocodone 10/325 for chronic pain, 1 pill every 6 hours. My Dr. just prescribed Oxycodone 5/325 with up to 2 pills every 6 hours. Which is stronger?

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scott pillgram Says:

The oxy is stronger but who knows your body may b used 2 the vicoden. But if he is allowing u 2 take 2 @ a time it would b better if he would just give u the percocet 10/325 as it would b as effective with 1/2 the amount of aspirin. Try it out n post your feedback.

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Verwon Says:

Scott is correct, the Oxycodone is actually stronger than the Hydrocodone.

To equal 10mgs of the Hydrocodone, you only need 6.67mgs of the Oxycodone, so I'd advise caution when you first take them, you probably shouldn't take 2 of them, until you try one and see how well it works for you.


Are there any questions or comments?

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Bill Says:

Thank you for the info.

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congapas Says:

That Sounds a right, But Just make sure that you dont get hooked.. I had Oxi 10's & 40's I like the 10's better. So just take it easy & God bless

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ragman Says:

i am 57 and have been taking up to 5 hydro codone 10/325 a day for 3 years before that propoxyphene 65mgs in a cap for at about 13 years problems with back left knee right foot i am hooked will i be able stop this on my own i am in a lot of pain when there not in my system . if i hurt how can i find work

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Sally Says:

Which dosage has less aspirin? 2 oxy 5-325 OR 2 Hydro 10-325
Which dosage has more pain medicine ? 1 oxy 5-325 or 1 Hydro 10-325

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Doctors get more commission for prescribing Hydrocodene, they seem to be same power to me and I have used them a lot.

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buc1fan Says:

I had major back surgery back in 2006 and have been taking Hydrocodone 10/325 for 8 yrs and it stopped working for me all of a sudden, I read the label and they changed the manufactor of the hydrocodone to watson so I figured that was it but according to the pharmacy and Doctor it shouldnt have mattered but watson went from a yellow pill that worked for me to a white pill and I started hurting, the pharmacy told me they pulled the yellow pill off the shelf.So the Doctor prescrbed me oxycodone 5/325 and that pill makes me groggy and puts me in a bad mood and aggravated at the world unlike the yellow hydrocodone that I took so whats the advice from anyone about what should I take ????

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Dean Bailey Says:

I was taking the yellow watson now it is white is it going to change back to yellow cause they helped better

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jennifer Says:

I Have had 12 surgeries for different reasons. Now with the laws being so strick my Dr. Sent me to c.p.s. group they area low dose clinic... they took me from 30 mg. Of morphine twice a day And two 7.5 hydrocodone ..to two 15 mg. Morphine twice a day and four 7.5 hydrocodone....I hurt all the time I don't know what to do... The will only give me 60 max milligrams ... Can i as for something else a little stronger that helps better... And yes I'm talking the white hydrocodone And yes they don't work as well...plz help I can't function...

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Skullie Says:

Take a regular Tylenol with it. They've removed as much Tylenol, I take 10/325 and add a 500 mg Tylenol and I've been happy with the pain killer effects. I promise, it works. But I'm actually on this thread to see what my doctor may do next after hydrocodone 10/325 for about 6 yard now and have been in pain level 8 for a little while. Good luck.

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Jamie Says:

They both have the same amount of aspirin. The number "325" represents the amount of aspirin, were as the "5" and "10" represent how much medication (hydro or oxy) is in the pill. So 10 is more medication than 5, and the amount of aspirin never changes. Recently it was discovered that once you reach 325 aspirin, it caps out in your body, meaning even if you took 600 aspirin it would have the same affect as 325. So to prevent unessessary liver damage, drugs no longer have more than 325 aspirin.

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Ben Says:

Tell your Dr to write ORIGINAL ONLY NON GENERIC on the script and you'll get the original Vicodin, Norco, Lortab instead of the often weaker generic counterpart. Good luck! Ben

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kay Says:

Work from home.

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rae Says:

Can my doctor tell if I use male urine,for a office visit and im a girl,.. Curious

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anonymous Says:

No they can only test the kretin level in the kidneys. That just tells them if u urinate enough to be on a certain medicine.

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carol Says:

Can i take hydrocodone 10/325 during the day. Every 6 hours and one 15mg
of oxycodone at bedtime. I work and can not handle the oxycodone during the day. I have spinal stenosis. Terrible back and leg pain.

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Ben Says:

Have you tried stacking 800mgs of Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) with the Hydrocodone?? Try that take 4 OTC Ibuprofen with the Vicodin see how that works for you, the Motrin it's an antiinflammatory medication and the hydro/APAP will provide analgesia. Just don't over do it APAP/Acetaminophen (Tylenol) will shred your liver NEVER take more than 1200 mgs at once and the Ibuprofen will destroy your stomach so never more than 1000mgs at once and only when in real pain and to keep from taking Oxy which is a better medication but it makes some people drowsy you could also try cutting it in half, or tell your Dr. If he can put you on a Fentanyl patch regiment 1every 72hrs for continuous pain relief and Oxy for breakthrough pain. Good Luck!

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jenny Says:

Your pharmacy is lying to you. They still have the yellow 10's you just have to find a pharmacy willing to order them. Mine does.

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jprm4boys Says:

I have taken the yellow norco (Watson) as well and have felt a dramatic difference switching to the white pills. Meijer pharmacy is the only place I can find that still carry the yellow (watson pill). I have also had back surgeries but just recently switched to taking ms cotin and also percocet for the back through pain.

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Melissa Says:

Could it be possible if its fake.all same marks and all

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Shirley Says:

Re: scott pillgram (# 1) Expand Referenced Message
can't take aspirin because of my stomach there's nothing that will change this pain it will be there forever and get worse as I get older. Will need to do things as I get older without the pain in order to not just sit in the chair and stare at the TV which is not what I want to do

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Shirley Says:

Re: congapas (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I have osteoporosis my hips my joints my wrist and my neck I should be prescribed use painkillers what is your opinion y'all the pain makes it very hard to work I try to not take them but I have to work what do you think?

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Les Says:

What the next step up from hydrocodon 10/325 for back pain

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Chad310 Says:

My pharmacy gives me tge yellow watson norco 10/325 every month without me even asking for them, but even though its the yellow ones - thry still dont compare to the yellow 2 years back.. they changed formula for sure.. i can tell!

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chuck Says:

Re: Skullie (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Do not take more than 3,000mg of Tylenol per day because it may be fatal.

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CRiMiNaLBeTa Says:

It's important to know that it is not aspirin. It is acetaminophen aka Tylenol. Which will destroy your liver.

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Hura Says:

Is Tylnol cod 4 stronger than norcos????? Cause my doctoe say455I

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Rebec Says:

I've had bad pain caused by arthritis and pustular psoriasis and always preferred taking hydrocodone 10 during the day bc they don't make me sleepy or groggy and it keeps the pain controlled. I've also taking oxicodone 10 and they do also keep help control the pain, but they tend to make me sleepy and I can't work as well during the day bc I feel tired and loopy. But everyone responds differently to meds so take what works best for you and helps you get through the day. Good luck!

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Marilyn Says:

Hydocodone has tylenol, not aspirin . The tylenol is extremely damaging to your liver.

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