Difference Between 30mg Oxycodone And Oxycontin

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I keep searching and STILL don¨t have a straight answer. I am currently on 30mg, 3 times a day of OXYCODONE (legally prescribed) for horrific back pain..... ¿WHAT is the difference between the 2, if any, besides the NAME? oxycodone AND oxycontin........ PLEASE help me out! thanks!


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PITA Says:

Its the same drug - Oxycodone. One is time released (Oxycontin) and one is immediate release (oxycodone). If they changed your meds from Oxycodone 30mg 3xper day (total of 90mg a day) to Ocycontin it would be probably be 40mg 2x a day with breakthrough meds.

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Swallowed Says:

Pita's comment is basically true. Though OxyContin is technically oxycodone hydrochloride - a slightly different formula, but yes -- essentially the same drug. The major difference is the time-released delivery of OxyContin as opposed to the instant release of oxycodone. My opinion is that at the amount you are taking, you'd be better off without all of the acetaminophen (prob 325mg or more PER PILL) that is probably combined with the oxycodone you are taking...

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Verwon Says:

Does your Oxycodone 30mgs list anything else, such as CR or ER? Because these stand for Extended Release and Controlled Release, if they are on there, what you have is just a generic for Oxycontin.

Oxycodone is the active ingredient in Oxycontin, just as was already stated in the other posts, it is in a time released formulation.

Oxycodone, however, is also available in a regular release formulation and an immediate release formulation, so we can't know which one you have, without having further details from your prescription.

You can rest assured, though, that it is the same medication, on the way it is released into your body may differ.

Some of the common side effects to Oxycodone may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

You can read more about this medication here:


If you can post back with any more information from your prescription, I'll gladly tell you what it means and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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rob Says:

I currently have severe multilevel degenerative disk disease, a herniated disk, and bone spurs in my back. They give me 5mg of oxycodone without tylenol, is my back severe enough for a higher dose of oxycodone?

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Jillian Says:

I was on 30 mg oxycodone every 4 hours for multilevel degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and bulging discs, sciatica, and spinal stenosis with the pain further worsened due to a curviture in my upper spine in Nj. I moved to Texas and the doctor lowered my medication to 10/325 mg hydrocodone every 4 hours and it's not helping and I do not know what to do I am in agony please help, I just want my life back to be able to keep up with my home and play with my son which right now I can no longer do and cannot find a pain management clinic anywhere near me because the state forced them to shut down nor can i find a doctor who will write my prescription for my original meds that I was on for 3 years what do I do?

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myla Says:

i am reading these posts and am blown away!Iwas just trying to gain a bit more knowledge about these pills.Today was my boyfriends 3rd time to the Dr.(pain mgmnt) The first time he was given 90 15mg oxycodones and 90 xanax 1mg,second time they changed the oxys to 120 30mg hcl oxycodones then today to 180 30mg hcloxycodones.(not sure what the hcl is?)He went from 60 500/325mg vicodins then percocet prescribed from the back specialist to begin with.He shattered his T12 trying to jump my kids bike,he failed.They put him in a brace in june and after awhile he couldnt return to Dr due to expenses and no ins.So he went to my Pain mngmt dr cuz all you had to do is pay 250 an she wrote the script.I know his pain is getting worse,he is an electrician and hasnt been able to work much.He went back one week after injury so its
only made it worse.BUT how much is to much?They still havnt even gotten his xrays,how do they know hes not lying?I went there told them i had just went for a MRI for pain ive been having in back,told am where and they were goin to get records.Also i have a pelvic mesh sling and have been having alot of pain,and just by my word i was written a script for 300 30 mg hcl oxycodones to be taken 5x aday ,2 at a time.Along with 50 mg generic benadryls and i told them i had filled scripts at home for citalopram40mg i was given for depression after baby was born an they said they were fine to take with rest plus now have been put on 37.5mg phentermines for weight loss.Are all of these taken together really safe?I am 37yr F,weigh bout 150 which i am normally 125-130lbs and havnt been able to lose in last year an a half so they told me these would work?Not!All they due is make me not eat an thats not gonna do it,have to remind myself to eat.And i feel horrible so ive quit.ANYWAY my point is I CANT EVEN IMAGINE if i took all these things together as prescribed!I dont think i could fuction or even begin to be a good attenitve mother.I think i would die honestly.Ive been takin one total thru day IF that now cuz ive been gettin ill,shakes,tremors,cold sweats,but HOT,flu like symptoms which i didnt think had anything to do with pills,constipated,dry mouth,etcetc and my boy friend just watched special and said it scared the crap out of him.We didnt know that they had anything to do with oxycontinS,i heard they were the equivalant to 6 percocets 750 mg?This special was called the oxycontin express and it had numerous Drs on there an one said "there is not one person in the world thats in enough pain that sould be takin or need to take two at a time?"it had stories of people that were overdosing on just two and dying.They said that this pill is killing more people then meth,coke n heroine together.This terrifies me and to think im prescribed ten a day along with the rest?are these combos ive been prescribed safe together?My boyfriend cant fill his script he got today?There is not one pharmacy in town or sum nearby towns that have them stalked.They say its a shortage from the manufacturer of the main ingredient in them.Theyve been out for weeks and sum months?Why and how can Drs be writing these scripts when not avail and charge alot money for the visit?and whats up withe this Milinkrodt brand thats so popular?Thats what i got,ive heard its cuz there the only one thats able to be melted down? That people smoke them,Why?I know this goes on 4ever but id just like to hear from anyone who really knows about these and there safety or anyone who has taken as many as i was prescribed and there side effects?Thanks so much.

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Debbie Says:

My Dr. has me taking Oxycodone 30mg Imm REL every 4 hours as needed for pain.For most of the time the pills work... I have RSD in my left arm and had..Do you think that Im on the right meds..Now they do make me very sick in my stomach..

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Lynne Says:

States have different rules for some reason. For instance, in NC and Oregon you can get 180 pain pills, I think. Here in CA it's a max of 120. Or so the doctors say. I wish I had a good answer for you as I certainly empathize. I'm in CA and I asked if I could have something stronger for horrendous pain (not to get high btw) than hydrocodone. Ever since I asked, I've now been labeled a "drug seeker." I'm a 62 yo white female, fwiw. I have stage 4 cancer along with many other autoimmune issues, so I certainly empathize with your dilemma.

I wish you and your boyfriend the very best.

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Deb Says:

Oxycodone 30 mg is the same as oxycontin, the only difference in the two is oxycontin is a time released drug and the oxycodone is immediate release. Hope that helps

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Fatboy Says:

Yes, i have the same problems as you and they are giving me 30mg of oxycontin twice a day.

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silly123 Says:

I to have RSD/CRPS and multi. other pain issues. They have me on klonipin 1mg er and a antidepressant. If you look it up that is the treatment.

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Blackop Says:

Pita's comment isn't "basically" right it IS right.

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Maia Says:

I have RSD/CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Vulvodynia and am in constant burning pain. I hv been given Percocet, Vicodin, amitriptaline, Toradol, Tramadol and nothing even touches the pain. I've had injectiions by pain specialists as well. No one helps me and no one cares. I wear lidoderm patches, and take gabapentin, indocin for imflammation. I go to my gp tmrw hopefully for oxy's. Don't know if they will help. I go to chiropractor and p/t and a hypnothrapist for pain mgmt. Yeah, right. I also take peobiotics, omega oil, nopalea juice, coconut oil, etc. Someone needs to find a cure for RSD. It is the worst pain, equivalent to a limb amputation but it never goes away.

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gsmog147 Says:

To Myla...As u may know, there are alot of drs out there who will only take cash clients and give them drugs like oxycodone and xanax which are heavily sold on the street. Your story seems like the dr u go to is one of these drs and is giving you these "street friendly" drugs because hes probly a script writer knowing that most of his clients sell their drugs instead of taking his job serious and really giving people what they need. Hes a dr feel good, and just wants that cash from everybody, keep them coming, no insurance paper trail, and if you need some extra cash and know people who will buy your drugs "altho its illegal" then good for u, u hit the jackpot as them oxycodone ir 30mg are highly in demand on the streets. As well as xanax. But if u have no interest in selling your pills than maybe think about switching to a real dr who will give you better personal care and really give u what u need and give u the right treatment specifically for u. It basically sounds like you went to one of these crooked drs who writes big scripts of street sold drugs and charges cash, most wont even take insurance. If these pills work for u i guess i would stay just because you r getting alot of pills u can always stock away, just be careful n dont take too much or get hooked too bad. Now if u dont want these harder drugs and want nothing to do with extra pills or selling pills etc...then i would switch drs and find a legit dr who does the right thing..Just my opinion after reading your story. And by the way oxycodone mixed with xanax can be lethal and deadly so ya he def seems like a crooked dr, so just be careful about mixing too much of these drugs together.I am from Philly and i see this stuff quite a bit being in a big city filled with drugs and the storys i hear sound exactly like yours. Hope that helps...

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Jen Says:

I had a ruptured disc and found epidural injections helped a lot as well as acupuncture. Of course I believe that Oxycontin and oxycodone are also essential for severe pain management but because of the addicitive nature of these drugs it is good to have alternatives to reduce intake.

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john Says:

theres no acetaminaphine in the 30mg oxycodone.. thats only in the 10/325 percocets

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Dafneys momma Says:

There is a lawsuit for mesh pelvic sling causing pain and other problems. Get an attorney to handle your case but dont get an attorney that is handling a class action suit as you wont get anything at all the lawyers get all the money on class action. Find an individual attorney to handle your case individulaly. There is no cost unless they win the case. Get a medical mal practice attorney only.

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Dafneys momma Says:

There is a lawsuit for mesh pelvic sling causing pain and other problems. Get an attorney to handle your case but dont get an attorney that is handling a class action suit as you wont get anything at all the lawyers get all the money on class action. Find an individual attorney to handle your case individulaly. There is no cost unless they win the case. Get a medical mal practice attorney only.

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Bird Says:

You dont need to hear from no one just get off that mess you know what it is doing to u, So use your judgement......Youve seen the special with the doctors telling you what more do u need.......Good luck & god bless.

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freddie Says:

for the love of god...stop. the pain is better than the cloud of drugs. i am trying to stop after 3 years and have gone from 90 mg oxy to cutting 15 mg in half and taking 3 15 mg 1/2's a day so i am down . I HAVE MEMORY NOW!

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Jodie Says:

Wow Myla that's 300 mgs a day!!! No honey! Not sure how old this post is but I felt compelled to write you! Plus the diet and depression pills?! 300 mgs. Unreal. You need to switch doctors for sure. He's setting you up to freaking die! Honey please seek help from a different doctor. In my prayers. God bless

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Jizzerblob Says:

I know for a fact you can get more than 120 in CA. I was getting 240 15mg IR oxy's a month and now I'm currently getting 150 30mg IR Oxy's a month. Your doctor or the office may have a limit of 120 a month and that's around the maximum daily morphine equivalent set by the government. So that may be why. I'm blessed with the most awesome doctor. He listens to me and knows I'm not just a junky trying to feel high and I would never sell my pills.

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jewelz Says:

If you can let me know where you are at now and what your tapering plan was to cut down I would greatly appreciate it. I have been on pain meds since i was 14 and in a bad car accident i now have a family and many years have passed the dose gets stronger with more to take my eyes are slowly opening now and then i believe they may co trol me more than i would like its like i blinked and life went by.. t

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Towmater Says:

Oxycodone 30mg doesn't have acetaminophen and is immediate release, the OxyContin is extended release or long acting while oxycodone is a short acting medicine, so OxyContin will work longer at controlling your pain than the oxycodone

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Charlene Says:

Honey im so sorry you are going thrust all your pain. Im groom Mo. and am on30mgOxies one every3hrs. See if your family physician if he can prescribe you some Suboxone.If he wont write you a script for Oxies. My family physician is the one who writes my scripts for my Oxies. He is a great Dr. Its a damn shame that because of all these druggies that misuse them that we have to pay for their mistakes.I wish you luck. Have a blessed day and God bless

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Tim Says:

Highly addictive stuff. Seen plenty of good people ruin their lives by accident just doing what the doctor ordered. It's all about money. People dont want to hear it but Physical therapy is the best way to reduce pain. Im in the field. I know plenty of research and techniques

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Oenny Says:

Firstly if you aren't absolutely sure what you are talking about I suggest not giving advice. People do expierence real debilitating pain. Not all are looking for a high. It's not the same. For chronic pain OxyContin is a long acting pill. Works for 12 hours. Usually given in conjunction with oxycodone, in my case Percocet for break thru pain usually taken every 4-6 hours. If you are just taking oxycodone it only last about 4 hours and you have nothing running in the background.

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Coby Says:

Hi John
I am from South Africa.
I see you mentioned they changed the formula. Can you please give more info.

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Coby Says:


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JOHN Says:


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