Doctors In Rhode Island That Prescribes Narcotics

Mary Says:

I live in RhodeIsland and was getting prescribed hydrocodone 10/325 100 every 20 days, my doctor cut me off. now i found another doctor and he`s prescribing me the same mg but 30 pills every 10 days and its not helping, I've tried talking to him and wants to put me on morphine or the patch i dont like them I feel like a zombie, and have 2 teenagers to take care of. does anyone know a doctor that would prescribe me the same medication and dose i was on.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mary! How are you?

I'm sorry, but due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, there are limits on how much they can prescribe. The only exceptions are for patients with intractable pain due to a potentially fatal conditions, such as stage 4 cancer.

Which patch did your doctor want you to try? There is more than one available, now, so it may not be the same one that you've tried before.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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oneminuszero Says:

I feel you man.
I live in FLA where they have severely cracked down on pain clinics which makes people who have legitimate pain suffer...same old story. I'm fixing to move to Rhode Isl. so as soon as I hear of a dr that uses hydrocodone I will post it to you if you can maybe help me out. I don't know ANY docs at ALL in RI. I have osteo neuropathy with several amputations on both feet and an ulcer on the bottom of the right big toe. I DO get results from morphine and have used it over a year. Can you tell me the name of your doctor? I really NEED a reliable, good doctor. I would appreciate it. Also: it is likely your doc reduced the amount of hydros simply because it was just prior to them becoming Category II (they were Cat. III: could be called in, could be refilled). They will began using it again, don't worry.

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BL Says:

There are no new laws that state a regular dr can't prescribe pain meds for chronic pain. Although most regular drs won't prescribe it for new patients and many of them are referring patients to pain management. It is their choice, no any new law.

Hydrocodone combinations meds became a Schedule II ofective Oct 6, 2014. You are getting a lot of this med. So I seriously doubt you will be able ti find any dr, even a pin management dr, who will prescribe you the amount you were taking before. If yo have chronic pain, you need to be on extended release meds. The quanity you're getting suggests you're either abusing them or diverting them in some way. You may want to ask your dr to prescribe Zohydro, it is extended release hydrocodone. Although it is brand new and very expensive and some insurance companies won't pay for it.

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Alleycat Says:

Rhode Island? Hate to say it but you're SOL. I just returned to RI after working in Alaska for 5 years & THINGS HAVE CHANGED! I was getting #2 40mg Oxycontin & #4 10 mg Oxycodone for breakthrough pain for a chronic bad back with 2 torn discs & now my spinal stenosis has gone from Moderate to Severe. I cant even sleep in a bed anymore because after 4 hours I wake up with excruciating pain, so for 6 months I've been sleeping in a recliner. The Pain Mgmt. doctor cut my meds by 2/3rds so all he's doing is preventing me from going into withdrawals. I finally had to quit work as an engineer. Forget RI cus they're all running scared & they'll let you suffer. I'm 61 with a body of a 90 year old after having 10-12 surgeries. I would look to MA for help. Word is St. Anne's Pain Clinic has some compassion. Doesn't mean they'll take care of your pain, just means they'll take better care of you than the doc's in RI. It's very depressing to be in pain 24/7 & I'm getting to the point where my quality of life has gone from a 9 in AK to a 1 in RI. It's just not right dam it. Just because some jokers were over prescribing or keeping terrible records with no foundation for prescribing, those who are indeed in pain should not have to suffer. I'm seriously considering moving back to AK. That's the truth. It's just not GD right!!! I have enough medical records & 7 MRI's from over the past 30 years for foundation but the docs in RI Do Not Want To Hear It? It was fine for JFK & others with big money that are in genuine pain but not the common folk? They think we want to feel high? Bull Crap! If anyone knows of a compassionate Dr. in MA, please let me know but as far as RI goes, I've been looking for 6 months with No Luck. It's a like a Police State now as far as docs being able to help even the elderly in pain. What a Crime!

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james Says:

i was getting 240 15s and was cut off because they got scared the dea would crack down on them so now i have no life if you know a doctor that can help me god bless you

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joann Says:

Hi, What is the name of the Dr.?? I need to find a Dr. in Rhode Island that prescribes what you are taking??

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Michael Says:

Need a phone number. My current Dr moved to Florida. I'm on 3 meds, nothing serious like psych meds. If u can let me know, thank u. I have insurance. {edited for privacy}

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Steve Says:

I need that Drs name..I'm on two disabilities from state and feds...thanks

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